Is that goodbye to an October election? rounds up today’s two political polls, and it seems to indicate that the summer bounce for Brown may be over…

  • Dewi

    Really can’t see it getting any better for Brown though – economic fallout from the subprime stuff, interest rates going up….a smash and grab might be his best chance.

  • Token Dissent

    Fair point Dewi. However a danger of an early election must be the possible fall-out from the European referendum issue. With pressure coming all angles on this one Gord will probably have to concede some sort of poll sooner rather than later. Would a Euro-poll not, in most circumstances, give The Tories a boast if a general Election was held in its vicinity?

    Would a safer strategy not be announce a referendum now, get any subsequent political hits out of the way, and then build towards a later general election?

  • Give that this is the dogs breakfast that London have elected to run Scottish Labour I say lets have an election soon!!!

  • Cameron seems to be returning to more conventional Conservative pre-occupations of crime, taxation, Europe and immigration in recent weeks.

    I think Brown has more time than most people are allowing. A snap poll would be a sign of weakness.