Glasnost at An Phoblacht?

Sinn Fein’s house newspaper, An Phoblacht, has had a reputation for too slavishly following the party line. Frank over at the Cedar Lounge has started taking it on a regular basis, after reading several articles (through Slugger) that were openly critical of the party leadership in the wake of the Republic’s General Election in May. He cautiously suggests there it may indicate a new openness with Sinn Fein. The beginning of a ‘Big Conversation’?

  • lumpy proletarian
  • Granni Trixie

    Being close to the SF party line or not is the least of it: This is the same newspaper which gloried to its readers every time a policeman or other “legitimate target” was killed. So whilst one might feel obliged to try to draw a line under past misdeeds, Mick sounds as if he has amnesia.

  • DC

    Ah News Letter, damn conservative rag for certain secto-religious fanatics.

  • Garibaldy


    Sounds a lot like a description of AP actually.

  • heck


    what’s this shit about the newsletter or AP?

    I can remember the Sun headlines during the falklands war. The GOTCHA headline “every time a” argie “or other “legitimate target” was killed”.

    There is an unspoken assumption the we irish (prods and taigs) are uncivilized and our lords and masters across the irish sea are just wonderful. They are no different to the rest of us.

  • DC

    Heck, go suck on a Werthers.

  • Shore Road Resident

    So what you’re saying there Heck is that An Phoblacht is The Sun for Shinners?
    Sounds about right.

  • Reader

    heck: I can remember the Sun headlines during the falklands war. The GOTCHA headline “every time a” argie “or other “legitimate target” was killed”.
    You remember it “every time”? A more accurate summary here:,11707,657850,00.html

  • Lumpy-

    Simple answer- if people don’t want to read Slugger, they don’t have to. No one’s forcing them. For those that do, the popularity speaks for itself. It’s not as if Mick et al are drawing a licence fee from us all, so they’re not accountable to anyone for the output and discourse on the site in terms of ‘quality’ of content.

  • IJP


    A bit harsh… but very funny…

  • CTN

    Didn’t see any criticism of Stadler and Waldorf in this week’s edition but am glad to hear about it.

    One thing republicans opposed to these pair and unionists have in common is the view that they made a mess for 40 years were an intolerable amount of innocent people died and then settled for an agreement which contained a much smaller sovereign threat to the union than Sunningdale.

    An aging pair of disconnected malignant growths that need hunted and harried into retirement.