CIA ‘fiddling’ with Adams’ and Vatican wiki profiles…

According to the BBC, the CIA has been ‘messing’ with Wikipedia entries, amongst them those for Gerry Adams and the Vatican. Hmmm… see SRR’s corrective comment below…

Update: See Wired’s list of Wiki Whitewashes, courtesy of LGF, and heads up from Harry!

  • Shore Road Resident

    You’ve read that wrong Mick, it says the Vatican edited the Adams profile to remove allegations that his fingerprints were found on a car-bomb.

    It looks like Claudy wasn’t the end of provo priests. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the likely culprits.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Highly entertaining stuff Mick. Apparently the Vatican helped Monsignor Gerry (who refused to lower the tricolour at SF HQ on the death of Pope John Paul 2) to airbrush potentially embaressing allegations concerning his PIRA past (an organisation he was never a member of).

    You couldn’t make it up….

  • Sean

    sure you can and apparently they have!

    If they have prrof against Gerry they would use it wouldnt they?

    I mean the british government is all lightness and being are they not?

  • Pete Baker

    Someone using an IP address registered as a CIA computer editing some Wiki entries – the details indicate relatively minor editing though.

    Someone using an IP address registered as a Vatican computer editing Adams’ entry.

    And someone using an IP address registered as a US Democratic Party computer editing Rush Limbaugh’s entry.

    The relevant section on Adams

    The site also indicates that Vatican computers were used to remove content from a page about the leader of the Irish republican party Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams.

    The edit removed links to newspaper stories written in 2006 that alleged that Mr Adams’ fingerprints and handprints were found on a car used during a double murder in 1971.

    The section, titled “Fresh murder question raised” is no longer available through the online encyclopaedia.

    That story is mentioned in the Slugger archive by the way..

  • Turgon

    What this does show and we should all remeber is that Wikipedia is a source of information which needs to be treated with great caution especially on any remotely contentious subject. It is very handy and useful but a resource you should not always take at face value.

  • Pete Baker

    Oh.. and someone [some people? – Ed] using an IP address registered as a computer at the New York Times..

  • Cynic

    Surprise, surprise.

    Funny old world isn’t it. Now why would they want to do that? What is the point? It’s plain stupid.

    He isn’t up for beatification is he?

  • Cruimh

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Trowbridge has to say about all this!

  • Turgon


    Maybe he will blame you for it or whoever else is an agent this week conspiring against him on behalf of the whole of the British, American and Russian governments

  • confused

    If the Vatican were asked to give an explanation for this action would they give an answer?

  • Cruimh

    I was being serious Turgon – this is meat and drink for him.

  • Turgon


    Yes fair enough. I am just disappointed that he only accused me of being a British agent once and then decided I was just a fairly harmless Tolkein fanatic. Maybe on that one he is not so daft after all.

  • Cruimh

    Was Tolkien a spy ?

  • Turgon


    Excellent LOL

  • Dewi

    Turgon – do u reckon Smaug was a metaphor for the noble Welsh defending their mineral resources against the evil English dwarves ?

    Tolkien was a Professor of celtic studies and as a kid spent months in hospital recovering from polio. Through his hospital window he could see the coal trucks coming to Birmingham from Wales. Each train would have the name of the colliery writ on it. So he learnt “Ty Trist”, “Abercwmboi”, “celynen” – and that’s how he got interested in celtic languages !! (I’m not making this up honest !)

  • Cruimh

    Betjeman – one of my heroes – was a spy!
    Sentenced to death by the IRA for his troubles, but one of them wasn’t a philistine and cancelled it.

  • Cruimh

    “do u reckon Smaug was a metaphor for the noble Welsh defending their mineral”

    Certainly makes sense of the extra vowel 😉

  • Turgon


    Thankyou for that re Smaug. Would you not rather have the Welsh being elves. Creatures of power but also beauty and learning, not really that interested in fighting unless they really had to, and always on the side of right (and of course immortal).

    Am I correct in saying that Quenya (the high elven language) is very close to Welsh?

    One interetsing comment (I believe from Tolkien himself) is that the Lord of the Rings is in a way an allegory of religious experience with people facing sucessive trials and temptations followed by nicer periods in between. There is certainly a fair amount of religious symbolism especially in the Silmarillon though it is also apparently heavily influenced by Nores tales. What Tolkien himself specifically rejects is that LoTR is an allegory of the Secong World War.

    Okay enough anorak stuff I had better go to bed soon.

  • Comrade Stalin


    What this does show and we should all remeber is that Wikipedia is a source of information which needs to be treated with great caution especially on any remotely contentious subject. It is very handy and useful but a resource you should not always take at face value.

    This is true, but we’re talking about Wikipedia’s metadata here, not the encyclopaedia content itself. These are the Wikipedia logs showing from whence an edit was made. It is possible, but highly unlikely, that they were faked.

  • Dewi

    Joseph – do some dialectic will ya ! – always wondered how that went ? U read “At the court of the red tsar” ? – Only book that stopped me sleeping in my life.

  • The Dubliner

    Wiki is entertaining if you have a secret fetish for trivia and gossip, since there are lots of quirky details on its biographical entries. The entry on Leonard Cohen is great. But I think it’s entries are best regarded as closer to fiction than fact, even if WIki will claim it’s much closer to the latter. At any rate, it’s almost self-defeating to link to it as a source.

  • Dewi

    dubliner – u any good at dialectic while u are here ?

  • Rory

    CIA manipulating public information for purposes of discredititation? Most unlikely, surely?

    A recent book, “Who Paid the Piper?” by Frances Stoner Saunders suggests otherwise and those of us old enough to remember the magazine Encounter and the ignominous servitude of its editor, the sometime poet and former proto-communist along with Auden and Isherwood, Stephen Spender may find that Ms Saunders’ research uncovers little that is implausible.

    It might assist those new to this this to understand that it is the alleged CIA editing that alleges in turn a Vatican source of editing.

    Smoke and mirrors are stock-in-trade for these amoral sons of Barnum.

  • Harry Flashman

    Isn’t it amazing the BBC do an article on this and headline it with the big bad scary CIA writing “waaaaah”. One passing mention of the Democratic party and then a hit at the Vatican. Did they leave anybody out? Well Gee shucks yes they did, the BBC themselves!

    Yup one of their staff had edited George Bush’s name to “wanker”, now how come that didn’t get a mention? Or for that matter that the New York Times, Al Jazeera and the United Nations have all been caught at it too.

    But no the last few organisations don’t fit into the BBC mindset in quite the way the CIA does do they?

    For fuller info check out littlegreenfootballs.

  • snakebrain

    Priests fiddle with Adams lol

    Explains a lot

  • Since you asked for my views on the thread, I must say that it is the biggest load of crap since the story about Freddie Scappaticci’s fingerprints being allegedly found at the scene were Sandy Lynch was being interrogated about ‘Steakknife’s activities, especially the quick disposal of Joe Fenton for allegedly being so.

    To start with, one might read this link about the Doc and Archbishop Brady meeting back in October 2006, noting that the article adds that the Police Ombudsman is looking into the allegation that Gerry Adams’ fingerprints, it seems, were found on a car which was apparently used by the IRA in bombing several Protestant pubs in Belfast in 1971, resulting in the killing of two people:,,2091-2383263,00.html

    Then some clever fiction writer decided to fix it up with the Vatican in the entry for Adams on Wikipedia, and then, it seems, it decided to clean up the allegation about Adams being involved in the murders as best it could.

    Wikipedia is just a playground for people who want to cause diversions, and cover ups when it comes controversial matters. Just look at its entries, for example, for the conspiracy assassinations in the States during the 1960s, and the ones here in Stockholm in 1986 and 2003.

    In sun, it would be better if posters of all kinds did a bit of research before they shot off their mouths.

  • Shore Road Resident

    The point here is not the accuracy or otherwise of the claims about Adams but the fact that the claim was removed from Wikipedia from an IP address registered with the Vatican.
    If this was a CIA smear against the Vatican it was pretty half-arsed, given that the CIA has been exposed by this story as well.

  • German Shepherd

    Hi: It is not all saying the Rosary and chasing nuns here.Many priests goof off and amuse themselves with Gerry and other ex altar boys. You should see waht we did to Paisley’sd entry. And the England 1966 team.

  • The Dubliner

    “dubliner – u any good at dialectic while u are here ?” – Dewi

    Hegelian, Socratic, or other?

    *lights pipe, peers out of the window in pensive pseudo-intellectual pose*

  • Dewi

    Lol Dubliner – I can picture the scene nicely.

  • Turgon

    The Dubliner,

    “lights pipe, peers out of the window in pensive pseudo-intellectual pose”

    One of the saddest things about smoking being really bad for you (apart from the actually really sad fact that lots of people die from it) is that I will not be able to take up pipe smoking now I am reaching middle age. I am sure a pipe would along with half rimmed glasses could make even me look a bit clever.

  • Cromwell

    Or make you look like Gearoid!

  • Turgon


    Yes but I would need a beard for that and Elenwe has banned beards. She has even more strongly banned, on threat of divorce, (amazing for folk as fundementalist as us) my wearing of bow ties. The only option may be to buy a sports car in a couple of years, though again they have been banned as they have no seats for children, and my meaness prevents such use of money.

  • francesco

    didn’t the vatican know the provos are left wing?