Down to the ground

A wonderful time-lapse video on YouTube of the final moments of Lansdowne Road’s West Stand – as seen from the filmmaker’s bedroom window. (Thanks to pwrmoore on the UAFC forums for the link.)

  • manichaeism

    This shall not stand!

  • aaron could you do a post on the rugby.
    Ireland are playing Scotland at Murrayfiled in a pre-world cup friendly, its a very exciting game
    Sco 24 Ire 21 with 60 mins gone.

  • joeCanuck

    Great excerpt from The Ring to go with that.

  • Penelope


  • Kevster

    extraordinarily gripping, I’m not sure if I blinked during the entire sequence.

    Can anyone elaborate how long this process took? Don’t get me wrong, I admire the skill of this crew, but wouldn’t explosives have been a one-day job?

  • tom

    One has to ask why we are building a stadium of 50k whem our temp. home is packing in 80k for Rugby & fotball.

    If Staunton can pack 76,000 in, imagine what a good manager could do.

    Perhaps we need a national stadium on a par with the new Wembley 90,000 ?

  • Dewi

    Please don’t make this into a “where’s our stadium going to be” thread – we have one a day.

  • Penelope

    Kevster… I doubt due to the dense urban area surrounding the stadium that explosives would have been a viable option. It would be difficult to control the dust fallout plus too many shattered windows and rattled nerves from the shock wave.

    Looks like it went down over a period of 24 hours, in one long ’round the clock effort. Amazing stuff!!

  • sammaguire

    I was on the West Stand only a few times but still have a few nice memories there…seeing Maradonna as a teenager (0-0 Ireland v Argentina while they were World Champs)….Jason Sherlock running rings around Michael Thomas (UCD v Liverpool)…Liam Brady dribbling past at least three Bulgarian defenders in some WC or European Qualifier. Gerry Daly scoring against England. Happy days! The new Lansdowne will be too small at 50,000 capacity and is a waste of taxpayers money. Croker should be the National Stadium. As a sports fan who’s first love is Gaelic games I would have preferred if a win-win deal between the GAA,FAI,IRFU,the Government and local residents was realised rather than developing the new Lansdowne. When Croker is completed the whole way round (and it will be eventually) it will hold about twice what the new Mickey Mouse Lansdowne will hold.