“the cost will be borne by the department”

UTV reports that the Irish Government’s Department of the Environment is to fund the cost, expected to be around £1000 [or €1,500 – Ed], of replacing a bronze plaque commemorating the birthplace of Edward Carson at 3-4 Harcourt Street Dublin. The report notes that the previous bronze plaque at the property went missing earlier this year and that the official Dublin Tourism body, which has responsiblility for such commemorative plaques, had said they had no funds to replace it.From the UTV report

Permission for the sign was previously sought and granted by the owners of the building that now houses the Pie Dish restaurant, as part of Stephen`s Green Hotel.

“Obviously there was an existing sign and if there was the funding there, we would be happy to replace it,” said Catherine Elliott, of Dublin Tourism.

The issue dropped off the radar shortly after it surfaced because of the Republic`s general election in May and the change of environment minister and personnel within his department.

But new Environment Minister John Gormley has now agreed to pay out the cash, although a date has yet to be set for the unveiling of the new plaque.

“The decision was made by the previous minister because of the North/South dimension and that obviously carries on,” said a department spokesman.

“It is hoped it will be erected shortly and the cost will be borne by the department.”

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  • Leviticus

    A great man. RIP.

  • Wee slabber

    A plaque to the value of £1,000 is about the right amount of spend!

  • He’ll always be remembered as “the man who brought the gun into Irish politics”.

    Thank God he’s gone altho his bitter legacy continues with his successors.

  • joeCanuck

    Revisionism seems to be in vogue these days.
    Or it it just that the MSM silly season has crept over into blogland?

  • maybe the lefty UCD students might be reading SluggerOToole…


    So if the plaque was stolen should the gardai be questioning me or Eamon McCann as instigators of the crime? I’ll be able to test my disclaimer thoery, no?

    Lastly, what’s located in that building? The article mentions Pie Dish restaurant while it has the look of a very quiet, discreet, men’s only club. I remember laughing when I past it as it looked like a gay club… fitting for a right wing unionist, homophobic bigot that his memorial be located with those ‘Oscar Wilde type people’.