plus ça change? – redux

Roads closed during the security alert today in Craigavon, County Armagh, have been re-opened. However during the planned search, which began at about 0600 BST on Tuesday, and in which about 400lbs of home-made explosives are reported to have been discovered, police came under attack with stones, fireworks, petrol bombs and other missiles thrown.

  • Cruimh

    Thank you British Army Bomb Squad – thank goodness they are still here – for all the nonsense about them being gone.

  • Turgon


    Remember though, if people like you and me would not insist on living here then there would have been no need for anyone to make bombs so it is all our fault actually.

  • mchinadog

    Write something sensible or write nothing please maybe it is time you disappeared.

    I agree with you were would the people of Northern Ireland be without the security forces particularly the Bomb Squad they stand between us and the scoundrels who wish to cause mayhem in Northern Ireland. Has it been defined as to who was throwing the fireworks, petrol bombs and other missiles.

  • truth teller

    so where are the provo sell out apologists to explain this ‘security’ operation? thought all the brits were away?
    and that the 400 MI5 personnel and 5000 Brit troops remaining here are just over-seeing withdrawal?
    christ on a bike.

  • Cruimh

    This report certainly covers a lot of ground.

    1) The need for the British army is clearly demonstrated.

    2) Terrorists are still active – so we should not relax vigilance – and there’s no chance of having an unarmed police force while terrorists are still active

    3) attacks on the police by member of a broader community – ditto re the disarming.

    As to which side – Monbrief Road East? I don’t know if that is ‘green or orange territory’, but TCM has this to say

    “Dissident republicans are thought to be behind the suspected explosives, but it was not immediately clear whether a device had been planted or if the substance was being stored.”

    Last year a dissident republican bomb factory was found in Lurgan.

    link here [edited moderator]

  • Cruimh

    oops – sorry, I forgot long links mess up the formatting.

  • overhere

    Maybe you could get the ones from Bangor/Antrim and these ones to meet up somewhere in the middle of nowhere and they can cancel each otherout and let the rest of us get one with our lives !!

  • The Third Policeman

    Criumh with the exception of that trigger-happy madman who started shooting up North Belfast and got away with it a few months back and that woman policeman who shot that man policeman at the station can you tell me the last time the police needed guns? Because I can’t for the life of me think of the last incidence.

  • Cruimh

    TPP – as long as there are armed and active terrorists they need them 24/7.

    Both Dissident republicans and Loyalists are not on ceasefire, have guns and will use them – as seen by the shooting a few days ago – would YOU be happy to face them unarmed ?

  • BogExile

    The micro-spides are at it again. They need the same sort of no-holds-barred treatment as those other mutations on the Loyalist side.

    They are unrepresentative, unloved anarchronisms morally dead but without the wit to stiffen.

    As they have no respect for the ballot box, perhaps there are better alternatives for them

  • Sean


    of course there are still active terrorists, didnt they just shoot a policeman in the back a wee while ago

  • Cruimh

    “crumb ”

    hey proxy paddy – welcome back 🙂

    Can you ask your lard-ass compatriots to stop sending money ?

  • As the UK is part of the European Union, the PSNI should report their bomb hauls in kilos.

    Also, I would like to know what manner of ingredient was used to make these home-made explosives. Back in the day you would hear that it was fertilizer or whatever. These days, that info is so much harder to come by. Is this because the security forces worry that someone may attempt a Blue Peter?

    I would also like to see some pictures of the captured arsenal, like what they used to do when they had seized stuff off the RA.

  • sean,
    have you noticed some people only ever get excited when something like this happens, its a testament to their sad lives. As its the only time they feel alive!
    Existing on the crumbs and dregs.

  • BogExile

    ‘when something like this happens’

    Yes, it’s totally extraordinary. Imagine being in the slightest bit interested in the here and now when there’s 800 years of past history to mangle.

    You and Sean make a good double act. Do you go to the same Internet cafe in Boston?

  • Cruimh

    Parcifal is a proxy paddy in England – a Brit 🙂

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Digressing slightly, how is it that ‘dissident Republicans’ seem to be able to build huge bombs in their garden sheds, yet the supposedly huge and well-financed terrorist threat posed by Al-Qaeda cheerleaders in Britain virtually never throws up this sort of thing?
    Given the bungled attacks in London & Glasgow last month, are we to assume that republicans are simply highly gifted bomb makers or that the threat from Muslim terrorism is somewhat exaggerated?

  • GavBelfast

    On a related point, there’s a nice, tasteful bonfire on the vacant site beside Central Station in Belfast, complete with all manner of ‘Unionist’ flags waiting to be burned on top and ‘KAH’ signs, a nice complement to the recently erected miscellaneous flags erected on the main road opposite.

    Whoever coined the phrase ‘as bad as each other’ got it just about right as they ape one-anothers worst traits.

    Perhaps Marty and Ian could have a word from the top-down?

  • Sean

    Ah crumb didums did I hurt your feelings pointing out that the loayalists are the ones shooting police and are the most active terrorists

    I am not now nor have I or will I ever be an american

    We arent a double act its just we can both smell the hypocracy.

  • well BogExile, whilst you’re running around with a microscope smelling the turds, we’re watching you through a telescope, smelling the flowers.

  • Pete Baker

    And getting back to the ball!

  • Plus ca change?
    Tourism taking a hit (literally) in Derry.

  • Cruimh

    “Ah crumb didums did I hurt your feelings pointing out that the loayalists are the ones shooting police and are the most active terrorists !”

    Erm, no shawn- as I had already mentioned them twice. Americans are so slow in the uptake!

    “Both Dissident republicans and Loyalists are not on ceasefire, have guns and will use them – as seen by the shooting a few days ago

  • lib2016

    Anybody think the Brits are going to try the security solution this time round?

    We’re well on the way towards the only longterm answer and these idiots won’t delay it. They may even make the British get their finger out for once.

    How many years has it been? 200? 400? 800? There are good arguments for all of them.

    Cruimh has used the argument that this shows the need for the British Army to be in Ireland. Would anyone like to expand on that given their record here?

  • Sean

    LOL apple crumble using my tricks against me doesnt work

    Its too bad the unionists wouldnt insist on the same treatment of the UDA as they did of the IRA in 72

    Wouldnt it be grand to see the Shankhill on curfew and random warrantless searches of Carickfergas???? No of course it wouldnt…… well except for the delicious Irony of it all