MLAs claiming DLA

The Assembly published the register of interests last month. Reading through it you will notice that Mayor of Carrickfergus David Hilditch and West Tyrone MLA Allan Bresland are both:

In receipt of Disability Living Allowance since retirement on ill-health grounds.

I seem to remember ethical questions being raised about Cherie Blair claiming child support benefit some years ago. DLA is NOT (see comments, I was led to believe that DLA is means tested) means tested, but in a welfare state should benefits such as DLA and child support benefit be capped based on your income?

  • Billy Hamilton

    Disgraceful thread motivated by pure hatred of Ulster’s biggest and best political party.

    I heard the Nolan Show this morning and it is quite clear that Davy Hilditch is severely disabled and is quite entitled to the extra cash provided by DLA to help him lead a normal life. He was quite open about his chronic arthritis and sever rheumatic problems, causing him to limp around Carrick and Stormont at such a young age. He should be appaluded for being able to cope with such high pressure jobs- Mayor of Carrick and East Antrim MLA while being in constant pain.

    However, there are those who sadly abuse the system, like the guy who rang into Nolan and claimed he lied about a bad back to get DLA yet plays football every week!

    No doubt he was from West Belfast.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    mickhall: “Those who condemn the welfare state see nothing wrong with people insuring their homes collectively via an insurance company. Yet when society as a whole attempts to do like wise to gain decent health care, education or infrastructure they cry Communism, shock horror and search out every little flaw in the system. ”

    Perhaps that has more to do with the notion that government should not replace personal resonsibility in certain arenas. For example, the urge to “bail-out” failing industries, such as the current kerfluffle of the “mortgage “meltdown”” in the United States. Grown-ups made poor decisions and now the state, using the money of the responisible folk who actually sat down and read what they were signing and / or went to the greater expense to secure their position, is positing they should “bail out” the industry and the irresponsible. Responsible behavior is punished with greater expense so that the state might “reward” the feckless. A few of these bail-outs over a lifetime and the productive middle class leftie gets a little jaded where social spending is concerned and starts drifting to the right.

    mickhall: “I recently went into a job centre just to have a nose, i noticed a good few jobs for HGV drivers, good money. I found this odd as most people these days have a driving license so I asked a worker in the JC why these jobs were not filled. she replied there is a shortage of HGV drivers. no problem I thought it cannot take more than a month to train a person to gain their HGV license. So I asked do you run courses to train HGV drivers. No she replied. ”

    Said it before — a gov’t bureaucracy is not a good solution — it cannot manuever well enough to address current needs in the market-place.

  • Lamaria

    Wasn’t it also reported (in the BT i think) that David Hilditch took part in the inter-parliamentary football match playd between MPs, MSPs, MLAs and MWPs! No wonder we lost in the final 3-0 if he has arthritis!

  • DC

    Just listened to Nolan Live re-played. Proves the point Nolan is a real conservative.

    Running with the muck Shilliday posted. Can the BBC not think for themselves.

  • Sean Og

    How can someone on DLA be out playing football? If this was joe public their benefit would be stopped pending investigation.

  • Terry Cochrane

    Apparently Cllr Hilditch MLA is severely disabled. As he explained on the Nolan radio show on Thursday morning, he limps around Carrickfergus with terrible rheumatoid arthritis. The DLA helps him to lead a normal life (if being a DUP MLA and Mayor is normal).

    What I cannot understand is how he can be such an active member of the Orange, Black and ABOD when one of the tests for the mobility component of DLA is the ability to walk a certain distance. Does DH not walk on the 12th and other such occasions? Or does the Carrickfergus Lodge only go to the end of the street and back again?

    But wait, Mr Hilditch MLA DLA can still manage to get his footie boots on and represent our wee country when the need arises (ie last weekend). What a brave soldier.

    That benefit fraud hotline again, 0800 975 6050

  • Kevin Taylor

    As a D.L.A. claiment the benifit is not about if you are able to work or not the benifit is for care and mobility and even if these two wo the top prize in the lottery between them they can still legally keep the money as their long term illness are not cured .
    However i am deeply shocked to find that these two did not object to the advanced passage off a bill pushed throught by D.S.D. minister Ritchie called pathways to work forcing all disabled people into work as a requirement to keep their Incapacity benifits . i hope this whole thing will die down soon and that the disabled will no longer be discriminated against by an S.D.LP. Minister