Your top twenty favourite UK politics blogs?

Iain Dale is trying to sift through what are perceived to be the UK’s Top 20 political blogs. He wants your help, and is prepared to pay for it (in a roundabout, competitionyish sort of way). If you submit your own personal top twenty, you will be in with a chance to win £100 worth of political DVDs! So get them in by the 17th August and you could be in with a chance, and you get to promote your favourite blogs!

  • Cruimh

    Balrog is hard to beat.

  • Mick Fealty

    Think you need a list from 1 – 20 to stand a chance of winning…

  • Cruimh

    Mick – I’ll write Balrog twenty times 🙂

  • Sean

    I like voice 4 democracy

    they are such a bunch of crackpots that I seldom leave with out having had a good laugh

  • Dewi

    And of course.

  • eleanorbull

    Well, it’s hard to beat the Andersonstown News blog/forum for incisive analysis and hard-hitting accuracy…

    Some muppet claims, in response to the BA wrapping up in Ulster…

    “Apparently, the British Army historians say this was the longest-ever military operation HM forces had committed to. Obviously, their history guys had never heard of the 100-year war.”

    Is that the same 100 year war that was conveniently coined by historians after the event to refer to four separate campaigns, the longest one of which was still shorter than the Black Watch’s tenure, off and on, in Ulstah?

    I think it surely is…

    So the BA historians are right and the author is wrong. Not that accuracy has ever been the strong point of the author…

    …Martian O’Muilleor.

    No. Look no further. For laughs, the ATN is toppermost of the poppermost. It’s simply a scramble for the minor placings after gems like that.

  • Sean


    ealenor bull go have a look at voice 4 democracy if you dont think its hy7sterical then perhaps councceling is in order

  • eleanorbull

    Good call, Sean.

    But, remember, we’re discussing political blogs rather than stand up comedy.

  • How about this one:

    Sounds like its new avocation in Northern Ireland, and it sure ain’t stand up comedy.

    Of course, if they have their way, it will mean they never really left.

  • eleanorbull

    “it sure ain’t stand up comedy”

    Can you be sure?

    The English do satire so well…