Cheltenham sold out of wet wipes…

Yep, it’s true. Even for those not directly affected by the floods in Gloucestershire, the mains water appears to be off over large swathes of the town of Cheltenham, whether directly affect by floods, or not. One ‘refugee’ I know who has temporarily re-located with her sister locally has been out buying supplies of ‘wet wipes’ before she goes back next week because they are sold out in her home town! Apparently there is nothing better available to wash with!! Five days into the floods, and it’s not funny.


  • Dewi

    Bloke in work with me gave the best quote.

    “This does not happen here – we see it on the tele in America or Bangladesh !”

  • Hate to sound alarmist about the worst weather in at least 200 years in the UK, but could this be Putin’s response for Britain, Israel and Italy trying to set up Russia for the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko?

    Putin said that Britain would pay dearly for this ‘false flag’ operation – much more than just the ‘tit’-for-tat’ explusions which are taking place – so what is Russia doing?

    It has had the capability to change weather in this way for 30 years.

    What are Russian bombers doing so close to the UK’s shores that RAF fighters are scrambling to challenge them? They certainly aren’t there to drop bombs on Britain? So what are they doing?
    Dropping water on the islands?

    In sum, it’s time that people started taking in the space wars that Russia, USA, China, and possibly others are engaged in.

  • barneyben

    And the relevance to so-called “Northern Ireland” is…?

  • Turgon

    No Trowbridge that is just too mad even by your standards.

    The problems with the flooding are terrible and clearly there has been much more rain than usual.

    I do find it a bit odd when every single weather event is blamed in some quarters on global warming. A couple of years ago global warming was the cause of the drought in southern England. We have been told global warming will cause colder winters, warmer winters, cooler summers, hotter summers. I am not doubting that the overall world temperatures may be going up, I can accept people may very well be causing some / most of this and I am entirely happy that we should care for the environment but I suspect it is all a bit more complex and long term than is admitted at least on the lay media.

    The Romans grew vines throughout most of southern England, the middle ages were warm, during Cromwell’s protectorate the Thames froze repeatedly. Is it not possible that the weather varies in cycles over much longer time scales than we can understand and even global warming is a more incremental and less continuous process than we understand.

  • Posters who have trouble seeing the relevance of this Mick Fealty thread about UK flooding affecting Northern Ireland – what the Russian Woodpecker project can effect by changing the direction of the jet stream – see this link:


  • Sorry to have missed Turgon’s latest attack on me rather than the ball when it comes to any topic, but I was involved in composing a response to another irrelevancy.

    Man-made weather and earthquakes have nothing to do with global warming, as the link I posted argued so persuasively.

    Why the link cannot be made, I don’t understand as I think I have posted the right address. Whatever the story can be found on today’s menu at – within the story about today ‘natural disasters’.

    And my articles about man-made weather and earthquake aka ‘natural disasters’ are my standard work, as this link demonstrates, especially the ariticles about man-made earthquakes and ‘natural disasters’ per se at the bottom of the thread:

    Conditions are just getting too bad for persons to either grab at straws or simply stick their heads in the sand.

  • Joe

    during Cromwell’s protectorate the Thames froze repeatedly

    But that was more down to the river itself as with the weather – it was much shallower and more heavily silted and as a consequence flowed more slowly prior to the Victorian embankment projects. The increased turbulence from the supports for the various bridges also helps prevent the river freezing these days.

  • Rory

    I wouldn’t blame the Russians, Trowbridge. Given the chronology of the floods I think it more likely that it was caused by all those revellers at Orangefest (and at the Rostrevor Festival according to Miss Fitz) urinating in the streets and the subsequent overflow entering the Irish Sea and washing over parts of England.

    England has long suffered indignities as a result of the Irish connection but thought they had ceased as of late.

    Perhaps it’s a case that the pact made during the peace process was a promise that was a mirror image of that Covenant between God and Moses : “No more fire, but the flood next time”.

    Spooky, isn’t it?

  • Turgon

    Yes I am sure that is indeed part of it but you would not get any major river in southern England freezing now would you. Even in the Scottish Highlands it would be very surprising

  • Comrade Stalin

    I agree with the point that the kneejerk reaction to blame global warming for any weather beyond the average is going too far. I’ve no doubt that climate change is a reality, but to blame it for every single freak weather occurrence in this way is going far. Freak weather has been recorded for centuries.

    There are other matters to consider, such as development and planning, which interferes with the natural flow of rain towards the sea, and simple issues such as local authorities allegedly not properly cleaning out blocked drains.

  • Timbo

    From Trowbridge’s archives:

    “Hate to sound alarmist ”

    “Little did they realize that it was airborne with a laser accelerator, feigning to be a Magnum satellite – what could cause massive earthquakes in the unstable area if necessary.”

    “A boomerang is an Australian native instrument which recoils on its user with deadly consequences”

    “The timing of these waves of hurricanes is just too politically convenient for them not to have been deliberately made by covert government in Washington”

    I think everyone should read them and take the appropiate action ….

  • Dewi

    Trow – can u give us advance warning next time please ? – would have saved me a lot of bother.

  • Turgon

    Is now the time to start discussing Devenish, my white cat, Elenwe being the next Tsarina and all that stuff again?

  • Dewi

    Lol Turgon….but can’t remember anything about a white cat ?

  • Turgon

    Yes remember I cackle maniacly whilst stroking my white cat and plotting to rule the world on Devenish like Blofelt. I did really like From Devenish to Ulan Batur, forgot to thank you for that one.

  • Dewi

    I’d forgotten the cat bit I must admit ! The whole “debate” was hilarious !

  • Cruimh

    On the weather front – tonight’s belfast telegraph ( county edition) leads with a dire warning from Eamonn Ryan that because of global warming the weather in NI will get far worse than the weather in the ROI, so it will, so it will.

  • The cause of the drastic change in the route of the jet stream between Northern Ireland and Iceland has yet to be determined.

    Eamonn Ryan knows nothing more than the rest of us about its cause, so stop grabbing for straws about alleged global warming, Cruimh.

  • Cruimh

    Actually I was laughing at the Bel Tel’s reporting
    which has NI underwater and the ROI “sizzling” 🙂

    “Unify or drown shocka” anyone ?

  • Dewi

    Anyone ? should I go to London on Monday ?

  • Cruimh

    As it’s a den of immorality and debauchery I’d advise against it Dewi!

  • Dewi

    As it’s a den of immorality and debauchery

    I like those bits Cruimh ! just want Trow to give me advance warning of flooding !

  • Cruimh

    Warn one of the conspirators ? As if 😉

  • If Britain expels more Russian diplomats in the Litvinenko affair, Dewi, expect more flooding.

  • Dewi

    Normally I feel the seaweed but now I’ll start counting diplomats expelled – do u think it will a linear type relationship – like slight drizzle for a minor embassy official up to Hurricanes for the Ambassador ?