BBC re-education programme victim: the Daily Politics mug…

A bit of tongue-in-cheekery from Andrew Neil and the team…. Apparently new tough guidelines means they can’t give away their promotional mugs any more…but you can use this lovely cut and paste facsimile instead…

  • Rory

    If only the mugs were adorned with an imprint of that iconic photograph, repeatedly featured in Private Eye, depicting an elderly gentleman in intimate discussion with a charming young lady of the type known as “Asian Babe”, then they might become collectors’ items.

  • JG

    It is not as if they were faking phone-calls or breaking the BBC’s own charter such as “The Weakest Link” does. “The Weakest Link” is also grammatically incorrect just before it finishes!

  • Rory

    I received a pin-up photograph of Hugo Duncan and a special Hugo Duncan Show ballpoint pen after winning a competition on that programme. Now I am deeply worried that I might be the subject of criminal investigation.

    I would return the items to avoid any taint of corruption accruing to my heretofore unimpeachable reputation but the trouble is I cut out the face from the photograph and stuck it over my own on my wedding portrait (Herself hasn’t yet noticed) and I have given the pen in perpetuity for the enjoyment of The Plain People of Ireland in custody of the National Museum.

    Is there anyway out of my dilemna I wonder. Perhaps Slugger can advise me.