Was Edwin being economical with the actualité?

According to the BBC, IFA chief executive Howard Wells has denied having a personal preference for the Maze site for a national stadium – although the quotes offered only refer to the IFA – and, according to the TalkBack news bulletin at 1pm, the GAA has denied ruling out any of the Belfast options.. [Adds As the Irish News reports subs req] That’s despite the claims of the Sports Minister Edwin Poots.. to the Assembly Committee yesterday.. ANYhoo, while that one works itself out.. perhaps the discussion can concentrate on the desirability and financial viability, or otherwise, of any multi-sports stadium? Adds Paul in the comments zone points to copies and pastes the Irish News report which quotes Ulster Council secretary Danny Murphy – “We did not take a decision against a Belfast site. We took a pro-active view on behalf of the Council’s need for a stadium and its location.”