The madness of donating to Cameron’s Conservatives

Alex Kane in this week’s column recounts the strange tale of Branislav Kostic’s will. Guido has some thoughts too.

  • jpeters

    strange tale alright dont the conservatives think that robbing a family of its birthright in the time honoured capitalist tradition might make them look bad?

    As for Alex Kane, hes right about Cameron but i’m glad he (Alex) is not head of the conservative party for the conservative party’s sake and my own! were will the idealogical blue water take him? Only further to the right of labour which as things stand is almost in BNP territory! And for Gods sake whats Elton John got to do with it, i would have called him many things but not an impediment to the fixing of a so called ‘broken’ society

  • Hogan from County Tyrone

    i think Alex has a point in terms of how much the public realises they disliked Blair. I think the British public are enjoying having a PM that really doesn’t obsess as to how much he personally is liked but that has the respect of people in their assessment of his ability to run the country/economy. They feel its back to real politics?

    In the article on Sunday a senior tory spokesperson was quoted as saying the challenge was that when Joe public sees Brown they think one word .. “serious”. That is a major problem for the tories and expect more “Sham-cam”, “all pose and no position” terminology to be introduced into the public discourse by the Labour Party.

  • Hogan from County Tyrone


    The article i was refering to was the main story in Observer.

  • Elvis Parker

    Mr Kostic’s behaviour is surely not as mad as Lord Ballyedmond giving money to the UUP – that was money down the drain! (From a politcal perspective obviously – personally it worked out okay for Haughey and he has returned to the Conservatives ranks!)

  • Rory

    “These bestial creatures use deceit, dishonesty, misinformation, fear, corruption, thievery, any type of vice and intimidation, blackmail and even assassin, to nourish their egotistic, sadistic, satanic and greedy souls.”

    Yep. Sounds like the Tories all right.