It’s my ball and you’re not playing with it

Several newspapers carried the story of Willie McCrea disappearing from the Arch in Magherafelt. All, oddly, in the days and weeks AFTER July 3rd. The Newsletter made their scoop known on Saturday.

Today though, something new has come to light. Apparently the illuminations for the arch were powered from the Bethel Gospel Bookshop, which apparently is linked to McCrea’s church. Willie’s picture has, as we know, disappeared, now so has the power for the lights.

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday

  • Wee slabber

    Electrifying, shocking, “current” affairs news! Really gave me a buzz!

  • Cruimh

    The fixation with McCrae shows how low the UUP has sunk.

  • Many thanks for the hyperlink to the Mid Ulster Mail.

    Its two articles on the Arch (11th and 18th July) have reassured me that surrealism is alive and well.

  • The penny finally dropped (sic)!

    It’s Clochemerle revisited.

  • Frank Sinistra

    What sort of loppy fundamentalist rag it that paper. Jesus, you Unionists will read some crap.

  • steve48

    What is interesting is the DUP’s attitude to those who disagree. While the turning out of the lights of the arch is a sign of some bitchiness it is clear that the Chairman of the South Antrim Association and McCrea running mate in the Assembly election is likely to be expelled for expressing his views.

  • Cruimh

    Frank – you think the M U M should take some tricks out of the Daily Ireland’s book ? 😉

  • Sorry, I can’t pass up on this one.

    The Magherafelt District Council website [] has as its “quote of the day” (from PG Wodehouse, of course):

    “At the age of eleven or thereabouts women acquire a poise and an ability to handle difficult situations which a man, if he is lucky, manages to achieve somewhere in the later seventies.”

  • jimmyjoe

    After the row at Cookstown Council over the DUP’S refusal to allow SF/IRA to share a cup of tea with them.It would now appear that their stance,like their party,is weakening as one of their councillors Maureen Lees has now come out and backed Willie(lundy)McCrea on his support for the St Andrews agreement.My how the worms have now turned perhaps Maureen is now looking for a job in Baby McCrea’s office.

  • Billy


    The story in the News Letter.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Many thanks Billy

  • pia lugum

    Baby Lundy’s office is not that busy nowadays as more and more people have given up on the McCrea dynasty. So Cllr Lees (her proper title) is wasting her time on her continued patronage on that score.
    Perhaps Baby Lundy could get himself one of those exercise bikes cum power generator and wire it up to the arch. That way he would be saving the planet as well as Ulster. Another added bonus would be that he would be able to meet and converse with all those nice (formerly nasty) ‘taigs’ who support the Sinn Fein DUP up in Stormont.
    He would have to be careful however, where he parks this self-powered genny, just in case a big cement truck would accidentally run over him. Does Baby Lundy have the power?

  • jimmyjoe

    Pia Lugum
    Lundy McCrea ran away from Mid Ulster leaving baby lundy to defend the dynasty and what a job he is making.He still is using his dads office here in Magherafelt with the rent supposingly going to the Free P’s church,he is also employing someone who left the uup because they went into government with the SDLP.Maybe Ulsters problems will be solved over a cup of tea but not in Cookstown Council chambers.