Beware the professional blog trolls…

It seems the accusations of the existence of an ‘official Slugger blogging committee’, have disappeared since the new settlement has apparently dug itself in with some welcome success. Perhaps some of our more partisan commenters have less time on their hands these days. 😉 But I just had to blog this mock up poster, kindly brought to my attention by D’Oracle.

  • BogExile

    I resemble these remarks!

    I have this morning, in between coffee and the loo, formed:


    (Society for the Protection of Unrecostructed Trolls)

    CEO: Bog Exile
    Vice President: Cahal
    Head of Unionist Outrage: TAFKABO
    Head of Republican Inreach: Chris Donnelly
    Head of Steam: Willie Frazer
    Token American confusion: Maud’s Gone
    Head of acid commentary: Circles



    1. The right to transmit irrelvant and offensive badly speleed and pun’nctuated invective*. (*Before lock-up)

    2. The right to bomb any reasoned argument with ‘whataboutery’ until we generate the hate-filled response we knew was there if we only needled enough.

    3. The right to interrupt a well argued, humane and moderated exchange with sarcastic remarks about the heritage, genetic make up, physiology and mental health status of all such contributors.

    4. The right to argue a black crow is white until the poor fuckers feathers fall out.

    Monthly meetings will take place behind the water cooler in the secure ward.

  • eranu

    what was ‘the new settlement’? i must have missed that post.

    are posts that include the words oppression or securocrats automatically deleted? 🙂

  • Dewi

    Bog Exile

    Head of Conspiracy Sub-Committee…..?

  • are posts that include the words oppression or securocrats automatically deleted? 🙂

    I remember Mick once outlawed posts containing the word “bigot”. The number of comments dropped by 75% overnight.

  • ingram


    Republicans have been decommissioned.

    Ding Ding


  • northsider


    Republicans have been decommissioned.

    Ding Ding


    And in case people don’t know what a troll is, one turns up.

    Thanks Marty.

    Ding Ding indeed.

  • BogExile

    Dewi: Thanks.

    Head of Conspiracy (Theory): Marty
    Head of Conspiracy (Practice): Marty (McGuinness)

  • Jocky


    Head of Conspiracy (Theory): Trowbridge H Ford
    he even beats Marty

  • Crataegus

    They will be back come the next election. They haven’t gone away, you know.

    Like the poster.

  • Davy McFall
  • Perhaps some of our more partisan commenters have less time on their hands these days

    Not that so much Mick, as it being the silly season.

  • BogExile


    I defer to your better judgement and create you:

    Head of deference: Jocky

    viva SPURT

    Motto ‘Agito ita arguo’

  • I have no problem with being called a conspiracy theorist.

    I certainly study actions which look like they are the results of conspiracies, and when my theories are proven, they become just the conspiracies which almost everyone acknowledges – like that recent most abbreviated listing of the CIA’s ‘crown jewels’: the overthrow of governments like Iran and Guatamala, the assassination efforts against Castro and others, etc., ad nauseam.

    I do ojbect, though, to be called a troll, a person who deliberatetly goes out of his way to deceive, enrage, etc., as an end in itself – what I believe Marty does.

    He goes on endlessly, for example, about another Marty being the chief PIRA informant the BA had, but he never even tries to supply convincing evidence for it, much less who he really is. It just like what he did with Scap before.

    I have always claimed that ‘Ingram’ is out to protect the work of the real ‘Steak knife’, and the fellow he caused so much heart ache to – Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie – but don’t expect any clarification about these claims from Marty anytime soon.

  • Sean

    can I be the Minister of recriminations

  • BogExile


    Yes, but under the d’Hondt system this must be shared on alternate Tuesdays in March with Elvis Parker. Given hsi name and your sentiments, i anoint you both:

    Head of A little less conversation, a little more action.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Can we be allowed to name and shame the trolls? Guess who the sock-puppets are etc?

  • Aislingeach

    What do you need professional trolls for, when there are so many amateurs willing to disrupt for the sheer joy of it all?

    Society for the Extermination of Trolls, Internet


    Bog Exile, I humbly accept the nomination.

    Now, outrage me till I fart!

  • jake

    not at all – its just that like your friends, the chucks, mr fealty you’ve become irrelevant (as well as utterly boring)

  • circles

    and acid commentary works for me – as long as we get the perks and junkets!

  • McGrath

    I have no concern for the trolls, its the puppetry (and the reasons behind it) which is most intriguing.

    Who will admit to puppetry on this site?

  • cricles

    I never understood the whole puppet thing – anybody got any enlightenment on this.
    For all i know I’m kermit and never even realised….

  • Prince Eoghan

    C’mon circles!

    Have you never had a discussion with someone only to have someone pop up to support the others views, or have another sock puppet act as a catalyst for someone to let go some bile. It usually happens in one side is as bad as the other arguments, Mick revealed or unravelled someone doing it just the other week. I wish he would do it more. Then of course we have some auld and ‘well kent faces’ on the blogosphere, popping up with a different identity. One in particular I’m thinking off is exposed on slugger regularly.

    Now I wonder who that could be?

  • D’Oracle

    So ..its not just our imagination hereabouts, Mick ; there really are dodgy bloggers out there!

    BTW Are trolls and sock puppets totally the same or different ?

  • Sean

    Trolls tend to be people who post deliberately inflamatory posts


    Puppets are posters who use more than one identity on a single blog or post and used mainly as moral support for themselves. Say they post some windbag idea and suddenly someone pops up to support them and encourage them but if you track them back they are really the same person with 2 different names

  • True Sean, but to make it even more confusing trolls can be sockpuppets too and vice verse. Professional trollers even have their own boards for planning their hits, Trollkingdom being one I’ve had too much personal experience with.

    Also in the spirit of the thread I move that the Republican Inreach is renamed Reach Arround 🙂

  • Sean

    and I nominate the oo’s attempt at being human as

    Don’t ask, don’t tell

  • Sean


    some trolls perhaps even most end up being sock puppets except a select few who are willing to be tracked and named

    I have posted here as Sean or emereld pimpernel not as a sock puppet but because my name really is Sean and someone casually called me the emerald pimpernel which i quite enjoyed and adopted

    to me sock puppetry is not just about multiple identities but what infact you choose to do with them.

    if i posted under Sean and then under emerald pimpernel explaining how briliant Sean is then it would be sock puppetry. but if I simply choose to change identities on a whim or for clarification then i would still be a troll just not a sock puppet

  • Aaron McDaid

    Head Case: <position unfilled – all applicants over qualified>

  • me

    Are Trow and marty ding ding a double act?

  • Sean

    I think they share a cold water flat in downtown Oslo where that sort of thing is more acceptable

  • george mitchell

    An entire post about trolls and sock puppets – Ireland really is 5 years behind every other Western country.

    PS – When you get things sorted I better get a Peace Prize

  • Hvitserkur

    Then there are trolls. This is a race of giants who with their giant animals lumber over the rocky and snowy face of Iceland. But trolls, mighty as they are, are night beings, highly susceptible to the Sun. In dark Winter they must revel without fear, for at the dawning of the day a troll creature will turn to stone if caught by a ray of Sun. Many strange rock formations rising above lava plains are said to be those of petrified trolls. One of the most dramatic is Hvitserkur, a troll cow poised forever taking a drink of sea water on the northwest coast.

  • Don’t get me wrong Sean, I wasn’t having a go at you. Name changes are allowed, you still post the same email addy and you make it plain that you where EP.

  • Cruimh

    Pounder – if you are replying to “Sean on Jul 22, 2007 @ 12:24 AM” he is a different Sean than the one who uses Emerald P – this one has a different e mail address ( )