Be careful what you ‘Facebook’…

Facebook is just great. But the advice for it, as for uploading any personal thoughts, is be careful what you write. Someone you least suspect could be listening. Adds: nice tech piece on the openness/closedness of the site.

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  • Dk

    My favourite one:

    Brad Karsh, a US career consultant, turned down a job applicant after reading on Facebook that his interests were “smokin’ blunts with the homies” and “shooting caps into whitie”

  • Interesting, must remember to remove my dating profile from adultfriendfinder before my next job interview.

  • slug

    The phrase “fave you facebooked her?” is student talk for have you checked out her facebook page to see how fit she is.

  • miss fitz

    Honestly, I hope you are joking. That is an obscene site.