Irish fans in for Premier treat this season

Irish fans of the Premier League will have much to discuss this season with the arrival of Lawrie Sanchez and Roy Keane to the elite division as Irish managers with plenty of Irish faces amongst their squads (here and here.) It looks like local fans will be adopting either Sunderland or Fulham as their 2nd (and 3rd?) teams this season- incidentally, it would be interesting to know if sales of replica shirts across Ireland from these two clubs with little recent history of Irish support have surged in recent times.
Sanchez has wasted no time in bringing four of his international players alongwith him, whilst Keane has a hatful of Irish players at Sunderland, all of which can only be good news for their respective international managers ahead of the crucial international fixtures this Autumn. So, any predictions for the year ahead, Sluggerites?