“All outside the pale of Rome..”

The Northern Ireland Assembly’s First Minister, Ian Paisley [no doubt speaking in a personal capacity or, perhaps, as the leader of the Free Presbyterian Church? – Ed] has responded to the document approved by Pope Benedict XVI yesterday – From the Press Association report

“This excommunication of all Christendom, by the Pope, spells out the strongest possible message that the Pope of Rome has not changed,” he said.

“All outside the pale of Rome are told dogmatically by him that they do not belong to the true church of Jesus Christ.”

Also from the report

The North Antrim MP, who will speak to members of the Independent Orange Order at Ballymoney, Co Antrim, this afternoon, said the dispute with the Pope was as relevant today as in reformation times.

“He celebrated the 12th of July by unchurching every church in Christendom with the exception of his own church,” he added.

And according to the BBC’s Mark Devenport

..he [Paisley] regards this as the excommunication of all Christendom by the Pope, and claims that resisting the Pope’s dogma is “the chief battle of the day. There is no other.”