From Rebels and Bandits to Criminals and Hoods

It’s no coincidence that Adams publicly met with PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde in Ballymurphy, known as a hotspot of the Troubles and where Adams’ Provisional career began. The symbolism of that shouldn’t escape anyone. Hot on the heels of the release of Operation Banner, the British Army’s take on how they neutralised the IRA, Conor Murphy, MP, is calling for the PSNI to crackdown on crime in Crossmaglen. It appears the choreography of Sinn Fein endorsement of the police is to pick off the symbolic areas of resistance one by one. Any wagers where next?

They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
For trying to change the system from within
I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
First we take Ballymurphy, then we take Crossmaglen