Guardian rips up media list.. and starts again

The Guardian is making loud noises about the inclusion of new media bods in their revamped list of the top 100 people with influence in the media, and to be fair they’ve been in the vanguard of attempting to understand and adapt to the changing media landscape.. I’m not entirely convinced of the credibility of the list, but it is an indication of the influence felt by their panel. Whether they’ve got it right or not is another matter. Notable too that the brashest political blogger, described as “like a political PopBitch”, is the only one included on the list.. at No 81. [That probably says as much about the panel as anything else – Ed]

  • Pete,

    I have not read the list yet but if you are saying Guido is on it it just shows how the Guardian has sunk in recent years. To suggest any blogger or indeed columnist these days is a major influence is laughable. The Guardian has become the same as the rest of the media, it is totally obsessed with fluff. The reason Guido is given such space is because he threatens the system not a jot, he just swats at people already on the way down.

    These lists are Vanity publishing at its worse, Power and influence is all about retaining it, the fact that these lists change yearly shows just how fashion of the day based they are. For example it was only yesterday when we were being told Alastair Campbell was one of the most powerful media figures, yet today he is just another creep hawking his heavily censored pension around the TV studios.

    Have you noticed how leading UK political figures pockets are not filled with gold whilst in office, they get their back handers via speaking tours, book deals and serialisation after they retire. Look at the rediclous coverage Campbells book got in the weekend papers. Yet the one certainty about that book is there will be nothing of value or indeed new within in it.

    As it will be so heavily serialized, why any one would buy it is a mystery, perhaps they will not [inshaller]