Timing is everything – redux

The private meeting between Chief Constable Hugh Orde, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and the ubiquitous community representatives, that Chris flagged up earlier, has taken place – BBC report here. But it’s worth noting, and it doesn’t strike me as being a coincidence, that this has happened in a week we have had confirmation that, as well as those accused of the murder of Robert McCartney, the four men charged with the murder of Gerard Devlin – a murder which presaged 18 months of violent attacks in Ballymurphy – will also go to trial. Adds About those community representatives.. or, if you prefer, “those who have influence”, as Hugh Orde has previously said – “I have always said that I will talk to anyone interested in policing.”There’s also an intriguing detail noted in that final BBC report

All four accused had been released on high court bail but Francisco Notorantonio is back in custody after his bail was revoked at his own request.