Spinning in infinity

It’s been so long since I’d heard anything about Steorn’s perpetual publicity motion machine I thought they’d gone away for good.. but apparently not. Some of the detail in what looks like a Steorn press release republished in the Belfast Telegraph breaking news report is also dubious – “22 of the world’s top scientists”? That would be the un-named panel selected by Steorn.. ANYhoo.. The machine will, seemingly, be put on display in London today, for what it’s worth.. There’s a prediction of what that will actually entail over at Dispatches from the Future. However appropriate the Museum of Kinetic Art would be though, it’s supposed to be closed until tomorrow.. [Adds But there is apparently a private exhibition scheduled] And still no actual verifiable evidence of their claims. Wikipedia has all the background you need or try the coverage here. Or re-read my earlier post.. Adds A more detailed report confirms the exhibition. And that’s the Kinetica Museum of Kinetic Art. Update Engadget points out that the online video stream will be here. Still waiting for the science.. And now the video stream link doesn’t work.. Now A Steorn press release provides a new link.. 6pm Eastern Time onwards allegedly.. and a quote below the foldThat quote is –

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, commented: “We’ve decided to demonstrate our Orbo technology in a global and public forum to raise greater awareness amongst the product development community. We want to give equal access to developers so they can use this technology to power products that will bring benefits to everyone. Ultimately, it’s also a reminder to the world that this free energy technology is being validated and will definitely happen.

“We expect the vast majority of our audience to view the exhibit online, but rather than just stream a demonstration of the technology from an undisclosed location, we purposely decided to have a tangible working device that people could come and physically see for themselves.”

Riiiight.. rather than firstly subject it to a scientific peer review – and this appointed panel due to report sometime in the future doesn’t count – because that might lead to some unfavourable, and potentially unprofitable, conclusions..

See my original post

Once More Into the Breach.. FreeEnergyTracker has the camera links.. but they still seem to be on the ad-loop.

..dear friends, once more.. From the Steorn statement

Update 4/7/07 23:30

Due to slight technical difficulties we will now be publishing the live stream as of Thursday 5th July.

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  • snakebrain

    I remember seeing the initial ad in the Economist. Wondered how it was developing, thanks for the links.

  • joeCanuck

    Perpetual motion is what occurs after you have accidently swallowed a whole pack of ex-lax.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I wonder who is paying for this company to engage in this nonsense. I love this bullshit about having to get the device tested by an “expert jury” before putting it on sale – as if the market itself is not the best possible jury on whether a device works or not.

    I also can’t believe (as reported in some of the articles) that people appear to be fooled by a computer, apparently connected to the supposed device, showing on-screen that the device is running at 275% efficiency.

  • joeCanuck


    Don’t you remember P.T.Barnum?

  • Comrade Stalin

    No, I had to look him up on Wikipedia, but I’m failing to grasp the relevance. It’s too late in the day. Enlighten me ?

  • snakebrain

    Was it not P.T. Barnum who famously sold white salmon with the slogan “Guaranteed not to turn pink in the can”?

  • Frank Sinistra


    The note on the bottom of the home page says the demo is available from 6pm Eastern Time. 10 mins.

  • Pete Baker


    The link was previously leading to a demo and a holding page..

    As Engadget now notes, perhaps it’s now targeted at a new audience..

    ..although that doesn’t explain the page removal.

  • Pete Baker

    Or to be more blunt..

    Smoke and mirrors suits them.

  • Frank Sinistra

    The forum says this links to Cam4 but it’s in an ad loop:


  • Dewi

    Pete – I can’t cope with looking at 46 links mun

  • Pete Baker

    So don’t, Dewi.

    In other news..

    FreeEnergyTracker has the camera links.. but they still seem to be on the ad-loop.

  • Frank Sinistra


    Is it a typo? Does 6AM ET equal 11AM BST (when the exhibition opens)? They might have just mixed up AM and PM? Though why does an Irish company running an event in England use ET anyway?

  • Pete Baker

    And why does their own link not lead through to the holding page?

    Too many questions with this lot.

    And a complete absence of answers.

  • Frank Sinistra

    They are blaming technical difficulties. I assume that’ll be the whole idea being nonsense.

  • Pete Baker

    “They are blaming technical difficulties.”

    So I see.. in an 11.30pm update no less.

    Took them long enough to realise.

    No time noted for that live-streaming though.

    *smoke and mirrors*

  • joeCanuck

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • joeCanuck

    That’s a P.T.Barnum quote.
    People selling perpetual motion machines are counting on that.