Liddington moves on, Paterson moves in…

I guess Northern Ireland has to stay in the Cabinet until Policing and Justice is transferred. Cameron’s changes yesterday mean that David Liddington take up a shadow junior ministerial spokesman on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, whilst we get Owen Paterson. Liddington replaced Quentin Davies (now a Labour MP), and restored the tradition of bipartisanship that Davies substantially broke under the ill fated Ian Duncan Smith. Personable and able, he will surely see this as a move upwards.

  • Nevin

    Mick, here’s the Owen Paterson website.

  • Paterson, as far as I know, is well on the Tory Right: pro-fox-hunting, highly Eurosceptic and social conservative. He was a supporter of John Redwood in the leadership election in 1997 and was IDS’s Parliamentary Private Secretary.

    I suspect the DUP will be delighted with his appointment, although the fragrant Sylvia, I suspect, less so. If he become Secretary of State after a shock Tory win in the 2008 election, the DUP might think that all their Christmases had come at once.