“I may not be popular in Ireland for saying this…”

As noted previously, the idea that Tony O’Reilly is the problem with the Irish media is copper fastened into what discourse there exists on media and politics in Ireland. Yet it is a story that Roy Greenslade believes is little more than a myth, that would barely outlast a hostile takeover from Denis O’Brien. Adds the relevant passage:

I don’t know much about O’Brien but I know a lot about O’Reilly. And, though I may not be popular in Ireland for saying this, the man who has run IN&M for the best part of 40 years has nurtured good newspapers around the world. In Britain, he saved The Independent from possible demise – and the clutches of David Montgomery – and has sacrificed millions to keep it going. He has also allowed its journalists a surprising amount of editorial freedom. O’Brien, on the other hand, wants it to be sold off.