Inquiries, and reviews, continue..

At the end of a recent post, on the Environment Minister reviewing the local government arrangements, I suggested we would probably see similar reviews of other contentious, to some, plans. And today, tucked in at the end of this report on the Education Committee’s discussion on the threatened closures of 14 schools, and Committee Chairman Sammy Wilson’s description of the planned arrangements as “Byzantine”, is this snippet The education committee is to conduct further inquiries into Professor Bain`s 61 recommendations. … Read more

Nationalists or clientists?

Among Alex Slamond’s first act was to refuse to Scottish Executive support for Dumfries House, Simon Jenkins argues that this demonstrates: “his nationalism is rooted not in the character, culture and heritage of Scotland but rather in the bid of a factional politician for English money to buy votes and thus win power. The motivation is ambition, not nationalist vision.” He also argues that that: “This is pocketbook devolution. Read the nationalist manifestos and they are little more than shopping … Read more

Rural housing approvals down 90%

Patsy McGlone, Chair of the DRD Environment Committee, has called for radical change to rural planning. He revealed figures that less than 500 new developments have been given outline planning permission since the introduction of PPS14, compared with 5000 in the year previous to its introduction. Lee Reynolds

“Everything from Dylan to Andrea Bocelli..”

I mentioned in the comments zone here that last week’s issue of Hot Press carried an interview with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams in which he revealed what he has on his i-Pod.. but not having a subscription I hadn’t been able to read the article. Thankfully [*ahem* – Ed] someone at the BBC does.. and they’ve published the info here.. oh, and they’ve also revealed that Gerry doesn’t have a credit card..[and why would he? – Ed] He said: … Read more

Incoming links for May…

Just been checking through the inward coming links for Slugger over the last month. Top of the traffic list is a link for our election coverage from Mickey Kaus at Slate magazine (my own personal choice for the blogger’s blogger). Gaskin Balrog is, as nearly always, one of Slugger’s top referrers comes in second place. The Satin Pajamas comes in at number three. Disillusioned Lefty four. Then Crooked Timber; Guido; Fake Plastic News; 1169 and counting; Harry’s Place; Our Wee … Read more

Another party of Government in Northern Ireland..

The battle between the Labour Party and the members of the party in Northern Ireland has been going on for some time.. and it’s been the threats of legal action against the party that eventually, and repeatedly, forced the issue. Today, though, one of the contenders for the post of deputy leader of the Labour Party, Alan Johnson [current favourite with the betting public – Ed], was in Belfast and seemed to cement the latest deal, as well as being … Read more