Search for London car-bombers continues..

The UK government’s emergencies committee, Cobra, has been meeting again as police continue to search for those responsible for the unsuccessful car bomb attacks in London early on Friday morning. Slate has a round-up of blog links and there are unconfirmed reports that a clear image of a suspect has been identified from CCTV footage. Meanwhile worrying events in Glasgow too, where the airport has just been evacuated after a Jeep Cherokee, reportedly in flames, was driven at speed at the terminal building. Adds Whether or not the Glasgow incident is terrorist related isn’t clear.. but local Airports are, quite rightly, taking note. Update Another Cobra meeting.. and a heightened terrorism threat level. And along with the heightened threat level, the BBC are now reporting there has been police confirmation that the incident at Glasgow airport was an attempted terrorist attack. More below the foldAdded opinion

Speculating about the intention behind the timings of these attacks, I can’t help thinking that there might have been an expectation among those responsible that such attacks would increase pressure on the new Brown-led government to declare an intention to withdraw from Iraq – in order to differentiate themselves from the Blair-led government.

And much of the media coverage might well lead some to believe that to be true.

But it’s not.

In fact such attacks would, in my opinion, make it less likely, not more likely, that an announcement along those lines would take place.

Simply put, a Brown-led government is no more likely to want to be seen to bow to a terrorist threat than a Blair-led government was. And before I get references to here – If you think that’s what happened here.. then you haven’t been paying attention.