Parades Commission determines on Drumcree parade

As highlighted by the Belfast Telegraph report, the Parades Commission today issued a determination on the 8th July Drumcree Parish Church Annual Parade by Portadown District LOL No 1

The Parades Commission re-affirms its desire to see a long-term resolution of parading in Portadown. The Commission is clear in its view that the only appropriate and sensible resolution is agreement between all parties involved. That agreement may be that a parade takes place on the Garvaghy Road. It may be for no parade on the Garvaghy Road. What is essential is that the precise nature of that agreement is a matter entirely and solely for the parties to the dialogue process.

From the Parade Commission’s determination document

A. In respect of the outward route, the parade is prohibited from entering that part of the notified route between the junction of High Street and Woodhouse Street and the junction of Obins Street and Charles Street, or any part of that route. The parade shall process from its point of departure at Carlton Street into Church Street, Market Street and High Street to the junction of Castle Street, turning back along High Street and Market Street, before turning into West Street. From West Street it shall turn into Northway and join the Corcrain Road. It shall then process along the Corcrain Road into Charles Street, along Charles Street to the Dungannon Road/Moy Road Roundabout, along the Dungannon Road to the Rectors Turn, Drumcree Church. In respect of the return route, the parade is prohibited from proceeding beyond Drumcree Parish Church, Drumcree Road, or entering that part of the route which includes the entire length of the Garvaghy Road, including Parkmount, and Victoria Terrace. The return parade shall retrace the outward route as detailed above or alternatively parade participants shall disperse no later than 2.30 pm from Drumcree Parish Church.

B. The parade organiser shall ensure that the parade shall begin and disperse promptly.

C. Only those bands notified on the Form 11/1 may participate in the parade.

D. When the parade is in progress there shall be no undue stoppages or delays. Where practicable the parade shall stay close to the near side of the road at all times to minimise disruption and to facilitate the passing of vehicular and other traffic.

E. The organiser shall arrange for the presence of an adequate number of stewards to ensure that all parade participants act in an orderly manner.

F. The parade organiser shall bring to the attention of stewards the guidance for parade participants contained in Appendices A and B of the Commission’s Code of Conduct. For ease of reference Appendices A and B are reproduced below.

G. The parade organiser shall ensure that all stewards and participants obey any direction given by the police in relation to this parade.

H. The parade organiser shall ensure that these conditions are drawn to the attention of all participants.