Cabinet shuffles forward

Once again, the Guardian’s Matthew Tempest is live-blogging events as the details of Brown’s Cabinet are announced. David Miliband as Foreign Secretary and Alan Johnson for Health seem to have been confirmed. Alistair Darling more than likely for Chancellor. Mr Hain’s replacement expected to be announced later. Shirley Williams, formerly of the SDP, is likely to be in an advisory role – probably involving any constitutional reform [I tip my hat to the new constitution.. – Ed] Adds The BBC has a handy list, to be updated, of the known changes – with Hain to be Work and Pensions Minister, apparently, and Jacqui Smith tipped to be Home Secretary. And Mr Hain will still be Secretary of State for Wales, etc.. Hmm.. Not constitutional reform advisor for Williams.. international nuclear proliferation. Adds Smith and Darling confirmed. Ed Balls takes new brief of Schools and Children. Hilary Benn tipped for Environment. Hazel Blears for Communities and Local Government with Ruth Kelly in at Transport. Update Official list