Cabinet shuffles forward

Once again, the Guardian’s Matthew Tempest is live-blogging events as the details of Brown’s Cabinet are announced. David Miliband as Foreign Secretary and Alan Johnson for Health seem to have been confirmed. Alistair Darling more than likely for Chancellor. Mr Hain’s replacement expected to be announced later. Shirley Williams, formerly of the SDP, is likely to be in an advisory role – probably involving any constitutional reform [I tip my hat to the new constitution.. – Ed] Adds The BBC has a handy list, to be updated, of the known changes – with Hain to be Work and Pensions Minister, apparently, and Jacqui Smith tipped to be Home Secretary. And Mr Hain will still be Secretary of State for Wales, etc.. Hmm.. Not constitutional reform advisor for Williams.. international nuclear proliferation. Adds Smith and Darling confirmed. Ed Balls takes new brief of Schools and Children. Hilary Benn tipped for Environment. Hazel Blears for Communities and Local Government with Ruth Kelly in at Transport. Update Official list

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  • Yoke

    The rumour is that he may well be staying here…

    I’m not sure who would be unahppier, Hain or everyone else here.

    By here, I mean Northern Ireland or for SF….

  • Yokel

    Or maybe not, story is that it may be Work and Pensions.

  • Bye bye, Permatanned Pete. Rejoice, rejoice.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Beeb say we’ll have Shaun Woodward @ Hillsborugh castle.
    At least he’ll know how to deploy the butlers….

  • Turgon


    Yes I agree entirely but poor Welsh and indeed poor us that he can now be annoying, condescending and useless about work and pensions.

  • Briso

    Whose responsible for energy?

  • Turgon,

    Bang goes my plans to retire early then.

  • It is amazing that most of the many leading threads here on Slugger in the past two days re. the change of Prime Minister, have attracted barely 6 or 8 posts in total.

    In many ways it tells its own story about how detached most people in The North feel about this. There has been a complete absence of posts from many of our main contributors from both a Unionist and Nationalist perspective.

    Maybe now that the Assembly has finally began working on a fully functional basis, it may have (unconsciously) began to change a few mindsets…

  • Briso

    Posted by Briso on Jun 28, 2007 @ 01:11 PM
    Whose responsible for energy?

    Who’s responsible ….

    John Hutton, if it’s still part of the DTI, now called “Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform”.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Is it just me, or has Gordon appointed an MP to be Lord Chancellor?

  • lib2016


    Don’t worry – just a matter of time until someone figures out a way to blame Sinn Fein and then we’ll be swamped with dozens of threads about it. 🙂

    In fact the unionists never seemed to have much interest in what went on at Westminster so long as discussions about Northern Ireland were banned. Even unionists used to joke about their MP’s appearing once every five years in the 1950’s and 60’s which is as far back as my memory goes.

    Remember how far off the scale their ideas are – we’re talking about a group which reckoned Margaret Thatcher was a wimp.

    On the other hand Southern politics have been very entertaining in the last few years, what with the Enquiries and all.

    Used to be very few Irish Times about but now I see a lot of them around. Just my impression, mind you, but it would be interesting to hear what others have to say.

  • Token Dissent

    A strong cabinet, with many interesting choices. Woodward’s Tory past means that he isn’t loved by the Party, but he is a dedicated public servant. Fingers crossed however that the NI job remains low profile.

    The PM, Johnston, the two Milibands, Darling, Cooper, Balls, Smyth and Benn are people of genuinely impressive intellects and integrity. What have the Tories got to offer in response other than Hague and the beloved Boris?

    My only criticisms are the presence of Ruth Kelly, and that it would have been a good laugh if Hain had been shown the door.

  • Johnson to Health is a good move. It’s the place where the Tories have signaled their big policy offensive will be focused. He’s a heavyweight: bright, articulate and not afraid of answering awkward questions.

    There’s a fair amount of smoke and mirrors going on at the moment. But watch the next 100 days very very closely. They are going to be crucial in terms of who wins the next (foreshortened?) election.

  • Token Dissent

    Any predictions on the timing of the election? Obviously Brown wants enough time to get his feet under the table, but would next spring be a decent outside bet?

  • Turgon

    I would suspect the election might be quite soon if Brown gets a bounce. It may not last but he seems to have momentum and Cameron’s seems to be disapaiting.

    Mick, I agree about Johnson especially if he can resist any more endless change. A similar strategy in education would help as well but I suspect ed Balls will want to demonstrate himself by changing stuff.

    If there was an election and Cameron lost would Hague return as Tory leader? Just a thought

  • Turgon

    The Watchman,

    My views entirely.