Blair’s next role takes shape

Been a busy few days for the erstwhile Prime Minster, Tony Blair. Not content with stepping down as Prime Minister [to a standing ovation – Ed] he also stepped down as the MP for Sedgefield – double by-election, in two safe labour seats, on 19th July. He’s also been appointed as the Middle-East Envoy for some heavy-weight political interests – not the Imperial one though.. and he joins the [Foundation] board of the World Economic Forum. Oh, and while preparing for all that – according to the reports, if not the official spokesman – he still found time to answer some more questions from the police inquiring into those cash-for-honours.. not under caution apparently. [Dubious musical messages reprise – Ed]

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  • Turgon

    I am really quite suprised that Blair has been given this. I am pretty pro Isreali but I can see that Blair is seen as very one sided in all this.

    I suppose he might be able to persuade the Isrealis to make concessions as their “friend”. I fear, however, this is more a vanity project on his part and he is being indulged since the last envoy resigned. Maybe they cannot get anyone else

  • Liam

    Anyone else think that this appointment is a sick joke?

  • heck

    the main san franciso news paper, the san fancisco cronical, thinks it’s a joke

    it’s sad when the people you are the poodle to think you are a poodle.

    The only place for blair is a war crimes tribunal –along with the parliamentary labour party!!