Blogging from Wolverhampton

This afternoon I am sitting at the back of the classroom at a fascinating conference designed to review of the effects of the Good Friday Agreement. I just caught the tail end of the session on Loyalism since the Good Friday Agreement. I’ll blogging short bites rather than a full analysis of everything each speaker says.

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  • What is it about that bloody “city”? I live there for nearly a year and nothing happens, then I leave and some of my favourite bands decide to put on gigs in the local and very intimate venues, and interesting things start happening in the University!

    There’s so much to do there, though. If you have the time, may I recommend some of the local attractions; such as The Molineux stadium… the, errrmm, University building and… eh… Asda. Lucky for you, they’re all right beside each other too!

  • Mick Fealty

    Asda sounds good!!

  • ‘Asda sounds good!!

    Posted by Mick Fealty’

    Yes if you agree with Wal-Mart’s ninetieth century labor relations.

  • Jason

    Was indeed an excellent conference. Good to see that the North is the subject of intelligent debate in British universities. What was disgraceful for many years was the lack of attention paid in British universities to easily the worst conflict in Western Europe. There were honorable exceptions, such as Liverpool, Lancaster,Wolverhampton, which did dedicate modules to the conflict, but most British universities ignored the problem or, at best, gave it a token week’s coverage as part of British politics modules.