BBC live blogging from Turkey…

Interesting project over at the BBC. Ben Hammersley (the freelancer who helped build and shape the Guardian’s Comment is Free) is now working with an interesting project with the Beeb in Turkey as that country prepares for its national election. Ben’s blog is basically being RSSed to a page of the BBC News page, and giving regular updates to New 24. I’ll be watching the outcome with great interest, not least because I reckon it possibly has wider applications.

  • Pete Baker


    Ben also has a BBC magazine article where he sets out all that he’s doing.

    And here’s his Turkish Journey BBC page

    The BBC’s director of Global News, Richard Sambrook, adds his thoughts, and some links, at their editors’ blog

  • “The AK Party clashed with the empatically secular establishment earlier this year, when their candidate for president, Abdullah Gul, was forced to withdraw because it was feared his presidency might lead to an increasing islamification of the state.”

    Not a good start from Ben, take the section from his blog above, yes there is some truth in it, however he fails to mention that the main reason Gul’s name was withdrawn was because he was unable to gain the necessary votes in parliament to be elected President. Thus far from this being some mini coup or attempt by the AK party to force islam on the Turkish people by undemocratic means. Turkish democracy held up well due to all parties agreeing to abide by it.

    In other words this was a good news story, but if muslims are involved we cannot have that, now can we.