GAA official targetted by hijackers

According to the BBC report, the GAA are to review their security arrangements after an Ulster Council official’s car was hijacked at the Eglish roundabout between Ballygawley and Dungannon yesterday. He had been transporting the takings from the Derry versus Monaghan game at Casement Park in Belfast, there are references to £1000s in cash – that’s an issue any review should start with. The various reports don’t explicitly state it, but with the official leaving the Belfast ground at half-time it’s highly unlikely that this was a random hijacking, or that only two men were involved – they used traffic cones to slow the car down and forced him out by attacking him with hammers. The GAA have said

“Practice has been to assess risk on a game by game basis, and to make and vary arrangements accordingly,” it said. “In the running of numerous games over several years, we have had no major problems with security but yesterday’s incident and the serious criminal intent that underlies it makes this review all the more urgent. We will take all appropriate advice to ensure that our voluntary workers are not put at risk and that our funds don’t fall into the hands of criminals.”


  • Bog warrior

    What security arrangements?

  • It’s all a bit of a mystery in some respects. Surely the Association should employ Securicor or someone for this? Croker has had 3 succesive attendances of 80,000 in the past few weeks for The Dubs but those games have been all-ticket. Many other venues such as Casement are not all-ticket, but surely arrangements should be a bit more security tight than this?

  • snakebrain


    who could possibly have done this?

    somebody who knew who the relevant officials were, knew they’d be leaving the stadium then, possibly had a bit of experience in on-street cash robberies and general hoodlumery.


  • Cahal

    Snakebrain, you think the RUC are back?

  • snakebrain

    It all looks a bit sinister is all I’m saying Cahal

  • snakebrain

    Oh look, here they are doing what they do best

  • Cruimh

    “At the time, many priests were very active in running large social events, but Father Chesney was in a different league. He organised big dances and massive bingo events, where all the little towns and villages round about could join in by radio link for what were huge prizes in those days.”

    But there was a disturbing pattern. Mr Cooper said some of Father Chesney’s parishioners began to point out the alarming regularity with which these events would be robbed. They suspected the takings were going straight to the IRA’s coffers, with the priest’s connivance.,3604,796291,00.html

  • Pounder

    Taxation without representation as Denzil put it in Training Day?

  • McGrath


    And the guy let them beat the crap out of him with hammers to make it more convincing. Brilliant, why wasn’t this thought of years ago!

    I think its more a case of a bunch of cute hoors in the GAA thinking they were untouchable only to find out the puss has been squeezed out of the terrorist organizations and is now free to do what it does best.

  • Cruimh

    Hyothetically- if I was planning a robbery I wouldn’t tell the stooge that he was to have the crap kicked out of him – he would hardly be in a osition to tell tales …. and as I recall in the bingo robberies it wasn’t Chesney who was robbed.

    Do SF and the IRA both have contacts in the GAA?
    Of course.

    All hypothetical of course.

  • McGrath

    Your a genius Cruimh! I’m going to get a UDA tattoo and start staking out Scarva for the 13th right now!

  • Cruimh

    That’s the Problem McGrath – SF and the IRA have form. There’s plenty of examples of them using coercion such as holding families hostage – ask Brendan Mac Connaith. Of course we know that “unauthorised” things have happened – as with the Adare Robbery.

  • McGrath

    Come on Cruimh, all the scumbags have form, they are as likely to cooperate with each other as shoot each other when it suits them. Some of them even try to hide behind a veil of morality.

  • Cruimh

    Well McGrath – SF have a big shortfall on income for the next few years – at least 6 TD salaries worth 😉