Harman new deputy leader of Labour Party

As expected Peter Hain didn’t get elected deputy leader of the Labour Party.. not as expected was the actual winner.. Harriet Harman. Adds That’s according to the BBC.. interestingly the Guardian’s Matthew Tempest, live-blogging the special conference, has this snippet

2.45pm Behind me someone from Labour is bollocking someone from the BBC for saying Harriet Harman has been “confirmed” as deputy leader. They’re not saying it’s wrong, however. Watch this space.

Now definitely “confirmed”.. just. And A lot of egg on a lot of faces it seems. If you didn’t catch that first link you’re too late, the article’s been removed. But it was the Telegraph reporting, at 2.21pm, that Alan Johnson had been elected. P.S. Hopefully Guido didn’t lose too much money.. But it appears he did.. Adds Brown has also appointed her Labour Party Chairman.From Matthew Tempest

in the first round Jon Cruddas got a total of 19%, Hilary Benn 16.5%, Peter Hain 15.3%, Harriet Harman 18.9% and Alan Johnson 18.1%. Hazel Blears was eliminated after the first round with 11.7%.


Second round: and although the announcer is giving everything to two decimal places from each round and college, I’m going to summarise otherwise I’ll get hopelessly behind and confused. A full breakdown will follow on the site. Peter Hain was eleminated at the second round and his votes redistributed.


2.59pm Fifth round: Harriet Harman’s total was 50.4%, Alan Johnson 49.56%

“I therefore declare Harriet Harman has been elected”