Harman new deputy leader of Labour Party

As expected Peter Hain didn’t get elected deputy leader of the Labour Party.. not as expected was the actual winner.. Harriet Harman. Adds That’s according to the BBC.. interestingly the Guardian’s Matthew Tempest, live-blogging the special conference, has this snippet

2.45pm Behind me someone from Labour is bollocking someone from the BBC for saying Harriet Harman has been “confirmed” as deputy leader. They’re not saying it’s wrong, however. Watch this space.

Now definitely “confirmed”.. just. And A lot of egg on a lot of faces it seems. If you didn’t catch that first link you’re too late, the article’s been removed. But it was the Telegraph reporting, at 2.21pm, that Alan Johnson had been elected. P.S. Hopefully Guido didn’t lose too much money.. But it appears he did.. Adds Brown has also appointed her Labour Party Chairman.From Matthew Tempest

in the first round Jon Cruddas got a total of 19%, Hilary Benn 16.5%, Peter Hain 15.3%, Harriet Harman 18.9% and Alan Johnson 18.1%. Hazel Blears was eliminated after the first round with 11.7%.


Second round: and although the announcer is giving everything to two decimal places from each round and college, I’m going to summarise otherwise I’ll get hopelessly behind and confused. A full breakdown will follow on the site. Peter Hain was eleminated at the second round and his votes redistributed.


2.59pm Fifth round: Harriet Harman’s total was 50.4%, Alan Johnson 49.56%

“I therefore declare Harriet Harman has been elected”


  • Fintan, Portlaoise

    I doubt whether it matters an awful lot who the deputy leader is.

    Terribly sorry to hear about the passing of the Doug, one of the most interesting, thoroughly decent gentlemen that I have ever been privileged to know.

    Ar dheis De go raibh a h-anam dilis.

  • kensei

    I think Brown would do well to give John Cruddas some kind of role, even if it is only internal to try and build membership. He was impressive and open in the debates I saw, and that was a good showing for him.

  • Im not surprised at all about Harriet winning, she played a blinder of a campaign and unlike Prescott who has always been a brown noser she will be an asset to the LP and UK. The fact she did not up and walk when Blair demoted her speaks volumes about her commitment and character, as back then the rumor mongers were in over drive about poor old Harriet, she is past it etc and does not know it.. Unlike most within the NL camp she is in politics to make a difference to the life’s of the less well off economically.

    It seems she will also be Deputy PM which I presume will rule her out for one of the top law jobs, shame as she would have sat fine on the woolsack.

  • Dewi

    Odd – she’s a sledge. Nowt in her head and never done anything useful.

  • I wonder…

    More Noo Labour mysogyny from a troll.
    I am pleasantly surpised at this result, though it may mean, to keep Blairites on board, that the office of Deputy Leader and Deputy PM are now separated. Will AJ be the latter?

  • parcifal

    I’m not best pleased, nothing to do with misogeny; I just get so irritated when Harriet is on Question time. She is smug, dishonest, patronising and anally-retentive.
    One of the worst politicians, init for power, pretense, and not for service or transparency.

  • parcifal

    want a good role model for a female politician, look no further than anna lo of the alliance.
    Oh and Hilary Clinton πŸ™‚

  • Comrade Stalin

    I am pleasantly surpised at this result, though it may mean, to keep Blairites on board, that the office of Deputy Leader and Deputy PM are now separated. Will AJ be the latter?

    My understanding is that the office of deputy PM is being rescinded for now. A pretty good idea too, it never served much use other than as somewhere to keep John Prescott out of trouble (just like his only predecessor in the role, Heseltine). Under Prescott it mostly seemed to overlap into other departments; following a rethink later, it didn’t seem to do much at all.

  • parcifal

    Its all nonsense anyway, Brown needs to bugger off back to Scotland.
    English Parliament for the English, Scottish … etc etc. Brits Out n’all that.

  • Electoral college results

    Candidate 1st round 2nd round 3rd round 4th round 5th round
    Hilary Benn 16.40% 18.22% 22.33%
    Hazel Blears 11.77%
    Jon Cruddas 19.39% 20.39% 23.89% 30.06%
    Peter Hain 15.32% 16.42%
    Harriet Harman 18.93% 21.23% 25.88% 33.58% 50.43% ELECTED
    Alan Johnson 18.16% 23.74% 27.90% 36.35% 49.56%

  • Dewi

    Honestly has she ever done anything useful or innovative ?

  • Honestly has she ever done anything useful or innovative ?

    Posted by Dewi


    It is not for me to defend the record of ministers in a Labour Government, but I had direct experience of Harman when she was Legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties in the UK, an organization which is now known as Liberty and led by Sami Chakrabarti and she did some very useful work back then.

    She is no worse than most of the candidates who stood for DL and she is better than some. Which in this day and age as far as the UK LP is concerned is about as good as it gets, christ this is a party that saw no need for an election for party leader.

  • Labourman

    This is a Party that is now well on it’s way to winning the next election. The choice of a leader, while openly contestable, was so abundantly clear that no contest was required – no matter what the day dreams of non-Labour Party members may be.

    It would be better to ask who will now replace Cameron ?

  • noel adams

    Just had a thought, is the result a model for the next local elections here.6 canidates looking for one position needing 50% plus 1could be the case in lots of wards.
    The winner was always in a good position but had to wait until the 4th redistribution to cross the line.Could we have loads of fancied contenders doing well on first prefernces but piped at the post.