If you’re in London next Wednesday…

Tom flags up an interesting public meeting in Islington next Wednesday. I’ve been to a fair few such Labour Party meetings in the past, and invariably they always had empty chair representation from Unionists. But on this occasion DUP’s Sammy Wilson joins Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson and local MP Jeremy Corbyn. It’s to be hoped that the UUP and the SDLP get their fingers out and find someone to go along too. It’s at the Red Rose Club, on Seven Sisters Road.

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  • cynic

    Any relevance that this is a comedy club?

  • cynic @ 03:58 PM:

    You can hardly be a true cynic if you believe anything involving Corbyn is comic.

  • merrie

    The red rose is a labour party symbol, so it must have some affiliation (comic or not).

    Rather like the comic connection. If the NI stuff is too boring maybe the participants/audience will sneak out to watch the show.

  • lapsedmethodist

    If this latest incarnation of Islington Labour is anything like the old Kings Arms it’s got to be a sneering , elitist racist dump!

  • Rory

    The Red Rose Club is a Labour and Trade Union affiliated club that has been running in Islington, near Finsbury Park tube station certainly, to my knowledge, for more than twenty years. It has, as long as I can remember, always had a reputation as a showcase for alternative and radical comedy and has been open to public meetings of political concern to its members who tended to be local people with either Labour Party or trade union connections.

    I cannot think of any place called the King’s Arms – “a sneering , elitist racist dump” – as described by “lapsedmethodist” and wonder where it might be or what possible connection such a place might have in his mind with the Red Rose Club where quite a contrary atmosphere of easy welcome and tolerance prevails.

  • merrie

    Thx for that information, Rory

    You might have encouraged some people to go along to a show.

  • pith

    Why don’t the DUP and SF send just one rep?