GAA and Orange in shared space…

Yep, despite the near mass hysteria that grips some of our commenters this time of year it seems two of the strongest markers for cultural identity on the island are going to be sharing the same US stage: the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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  • Yokel

    Never mind the festival, the most pertinent words in that subject matter were ‘near mass hysteria’.

    You arent wrong.

    Its one of the reasons why I sometimes think that this place needs flatteneing with large numbers of the population going with it.

  • Seanie

    And they’ll be the last Ulstermen to set hands on the Sam Maguire this year too.

    Up Kerry!

  • sammaguire

    I presume you’re including Kieran Donaghy too, Seanie?? Heard recently he’s a Tyrone man with a Kerry accent.
    Yes there are parallels between the Orange Order and the GAA (I always joke that on my way to Croker I’m taking my traditional route!). I know there is bigotry in the OO but on a social level for the ordinary member the 12th of July is a celebration of his/her (do they have women members?) culture/tradition just like we have our Provincial and All Irelands.
    Oh other thing… Up De Dubs!! Another full house on Sunday. I will swagger along my traditional route!!