Republican charm offensive

Sinn Fein, having ceased murdering Unionists, have been trying to be nice to us lately. But it’s impossible to believe that they mean it. Alex Kane in his Newsletter column on Monday was justifiably highly critical of the Union Group for, as he put sees it, giving legitimacy for “Sinn Fein to be allowed to use the Shared Future doctrine as a way of continuing their struggle by other means.” When asked by this group to attend the launch of SF’s Charter for Unionist Engagement, I replied:

listening to shinners lie to me about their intentions and opinions seems like a waste of an afternoon!

At that launch, apart from trying to tell Unionists that Bobby Sands is a perfectly respectable role model, Sinn Fein spoke of what nice people they are, and why they are very sensitive to Unionist feelings. Yet according to one SF member, Her Majesty is:

some dim descendant of the house of Saxe-Coburg

Maybe he didn’t read the memo.