“I didn`t actually see the programme..”

The Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, has commented on last night’s BBC Spotlight investigation into the murder of Capt Robert Nairac, which he declined to be interviewed for – the programme can now be viewed at the BBC site

The Sinn Fein MP told the Assembly`s Committee of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister: “In relation to last night`s Spotlight programme, I didn`t actually see the programme but I am told – and I do not know if this is accurate or not – two people on the programme who indicated they had some involvement in the killing of Captain Nairac. I don`t know who these people are. I do not know if they are bona fide people who were actually there. I do not know if they were Walter Mittys. I do not know whether or not there is any validity to the case that was actually made by them on the programme.”