Belfast office staff are top gossipers

Hmmm… surprised anyone?


  • eranu

    must be a slow news day if they need this to fill the paper. i thought it made belfast people sound a bit on the boring side. they talk about last nights tv and their family… snore…
    WOW ! thats some hot gossip!!

  • Bill

    It would have been in yesterday but staff spent all day gossiping!

  • I’m not surprised that Taxi Drivers are found to say very little, because taxi drivers here in Belfast are among the most unfriendly I have ever encountered. God only knows what tourists make of them whenever they visit here.

    Value Cabs are the worst by a mile. Got one last night and the driver was boasting to his mate on his mobile about how much money he had lifted and how anyone wanting a short-distance fare could go and jump as far as he was concerned…! And all the while I was sitting there like another mug punter…