Dempsey: Greens negotiating team knew about Tara decision…

Noel Dempsey in this excerpt (11.50 minutes in) from Questions and Answers appears to imply that the Greens knew about Dick Roche’s decision before last Wednesday’s convention. It comes in response to a question that came from a Green party member in the audience: “who knew about that decision and when?” Dempsey quite clearly nods his head and says yes in answer to the question of whether Roche’s decision was known to the negotiating team or not. Hmmm…

  • of course they knew, the lure of the Mercs was simply to strong to resist…

  • Gréagóir O’ Fráinclín

    Gas, how the Greens with the ‘holier than thou attitude’ have taken such a dramatic U turn. Even Trevor Sargent Major is happy now to accept a junior Ministerial post despite resigning as leader. The lure of power I suppose and as the saying goes ‘power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely’
    Still I’m glad to see them in government, although I’m not a fan. They wil be a breadth of fresh air depite them going back on their word.

  • StarHound

    I’m sure an awful lot of Green voters will be scratching their heads over all this, if they are not already starting to seethe.

    The cartoon in the Sunday Business Post showing the Green’s concessions as as a bike lane added to the motorway through Tara and Fair Trade coffee to be served on rendition flights through Shannon sums it up for me.

    Noel Dempsey was alomst drunk on his smugness on the programme – not the best attitude to have heading into coaltion, you would think.

  • pondersomething

    Of course they knew. Can’t figure out the Greens, they seem totally tripped out on the lust for power.

    Today we have Eamonn Ryan calling for consideration of Nuclear (!) power stations in Ireland. We also have Gormley falling over backwards on this M3 issue to pretend he can do nothing when HE’S NOW THE GODD*MN MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FFS!!

    And still George Bush’s death-machine gets facilitated on Irish soil at Shannon airport…

  • As I said whilst the negotiations to join the coalition were taking place, bar ministerial office, what did the Green leadership hope to gain. What ever your politics this is a real indictment of the green leaderships failure in negotiations or mad rush for office. Very sad.

  • Crataegus

    If their elected representatives don’t start to deliver, and I mean in the medium not long term, this will all start to turn quite nasty. From what I can gather, and my sources may not be typical, there is a fair degree of dissatisfaction in that party and it predates any agreement with FF.