The superheroes of Stormont…

LOOKS like our office wasn’t the only one trying to come up with ‘Super Hero’ nicknames for our politicians after Gerry Kelly and Ian Paisley Junior’s launch of a comic to promote and defend the rights of children. The comic stars Herbie Healthy, Sophie Safe, Archie Achiever, Emer the Eco Girl, Donna Does-A-Lot and Rory Rights as a way of engaging children. Mark D’s not having much luck with replies, but one colleague yesterday suggested that Gerry Gelignite (able to blow up tall buildings in a single bomb) might have suited the ‘Sinister Minister’. He’s a friend of Absentee Adams (faster than a speeding bullet, but in the direction of anywhere but Stormont) both of whom used to be naughty boys. Fortunately they met Talk-It-Out Tony and his sidekick Humble Hain, and made friends with Pocket Money Peter, who taught them how to fend for themselves and not go running to mummy all the time. Then there was Eat-Your-Veg Reg. But because he couldn’t stand greens, everyone called him Down-Page Reg, as he read the newspapers a lot… but never made the headlines. Your turn.

  • Gerry Kelly and Ian Paisley Junior’s launch of a comic to promote and defend the rights of children

    Now, of all the things that have happened in the past couple of months that you thought you’d never see…

  • joeCanuck

    How’s about Jousting Junior – Destroyer of Evil.

  • snakebrain

    anal ian?

  • joeCanuck

    Democratic Doctor – Head Honcho, Marty’s Mate, U-turn Unionist, Fudging Fraternizer, Peacemaking Pastor, Evangelical Eejit, Outrageous Octogenarian, Satisfied Settler……

  • Turgon


    “anal ian?”.

    I prefer Governor Lundy

  • Isn’t it great to see just how useful the restored Assembly is? Cartoon fun from cartoon politicians? And didn’t young Ian cut quite the figure with his pal Kelly?

  • davey

    yeah david

    It must be lonely all on your own :.)

  • Usual high standard of debate, I see.

  • WOCI

    After water rates review

    Meter Murphy?

  • Crow

    I suppose Sammy Wilson could be The Flash.

  • Kyrian

    Paisely Jnr. doesn’t even want to be involved in that comic. Thinks he can pick and chose what he wants to be in his remit. Shame on him! How about we call him Ignorant Ian.

    Love that Sammy Wilson name…suits him! Gross. What a thought.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Richard Bullick is Dick Dastardly

  • GavBelfast

    An excellent letter in today’s News Letter about the Ian Og and his attitudes.