Politicians and the ‘feral beast’…

Gonzo noted an important speech from Tony Blair on the media. The general consensus seems to be right message wrong messenger. Notwithstanding an important local clause about well behaved witnesses, it’s in line with a number of themes we’ve been blogging here on Slugger over the past few years re journalism and the reporting of politics. Over at Comment is Free, I’ve argued that journalists have to get down to the job of working out what is actually going on, particularly in the legislature, and not simply turning up like a gaggle of semi hysterical groupies everywhere the PM/taoiseach or other some such media stars go…

  • Aquifer

    Yep. Briefings on a ‘this is what we need you to know’ basis can leave us none the wiser. We need to know what moves the movers.

    The chances of any one journalist or columnist getting it right every time can’t be good, so we may need a whole new crop of editors with attitude, not afraid to drop a journo or columnist for a time, and not afraid to give non-journos with inside knowledge of something or other exposure. OK some people can’t write, but TV shows that content can make up for bad camerawork.

    Do journalists ask for tip-offs enough?

    Somebody out there knows something good.