Old Bailey texts now online..

I’m grateful to Nick for a heads up on the publication online of Old Bailey proceedings between 1674 to 1834. In particular he highlights this case against William Burnet for offences against the king : religious offences. Penalty: Death; drawn and quartered. As it helpfully notes in the Glossary:

Men found guilty of treason were sentenced to be drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, hanged, cut down while still alive, and then disembowelled, castrated, beheaded and quartered.


  • Men found guilty of treason were sentenced to be drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, hanged, cut down while still alive, and then disembowelled, castrated, beheaded and quartered.

    How long before this is back on the statute book?

    Perhaps for Benefit fraud, while for high value white collar crime, the usual slap on the wrist, or better still, stop the investigation !!

    If you have money and influence you get a free ride, if you are honest hard working and decent, and dare to protest, you get f—-d up the ass.

  • The Devil

    Quite correct Art Hostage, you do get f—-d up the ass but remember if you are also POOR honest hard working and decent, and dare to protest they do it without the aid of lubricant.

  • darth rumsfeld

    ..better keep this thread away from our first Minister in case it upsets him

    I’ll get me sash

  • curious

    Oliver Plunkett, Archbishop of Armagh was the last Irish Catholic to be hung drawn and quartered in 1681 for treason.

    311 years later this is what Irish republicans in the IRA did to 3 informers for treason. 1992: IRA murders ‘informers’


  • Glensman

    Not only were they informers, they were murderers too. As far as i remember they killed Starr’s girlfriend.

  • joeCanuck

    Wow; another awesome site for us idle ones to peruse.

  • joeCanuck

    One of the more famous people to be sentenced to this grisly “justice” was, of course, Guy Fawkes. He deprived the crowd of their entertainment, however, by jumping off the platform once the rope was put around his neck, killing himself instantly.

  • Dev

    Men found guilty of treason were sentenced to be drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, hanged, cut down while still alive, and then disembowelled, castrated, beheaded and quartered.

    And they say the Islamists are barbaric!

  • joeCanuck

    Don’t you mean some extremist Islamists?

  • You are quite right,Glensman, to correct curious’s complaints about what happened to Burns, Aidan, and Starrs.

    I believe, though, that Margaret Perry was Burns’s girlfriend who was beaten to death after the FRU, apparently Samuel Rosenfeld, informed her of all the double-agent killings they had conveninetly done for the Provisionals, going back at least to Anthony Mckiernan’s in January 1988 – what ‘Martin Ingram’, Rosenfeld aka Tommy Doheny, ‘Kevin Fulton’ et al. have chosen to blame on fallguy ‘Stake knife’ aka Freddie Scappaticci.

    Burns, Aidan and Dignan were certainly nasty pieces of work who deserved what they got.

  • heck

    the british

    what lovely people


  • I must say that I am most disappointed that no one, especially curious, did not correct my e-mail when I deliberately mistook Starrs, using him twice, for John Dignam, hoping that this would at least continue the discussion, especially since Dignam’s family and British ‘whistleblowers’- especially ‘Kevin Fulton’ and ‘Martin Ingram’ – thanks to the services of journalists, particularly Greg Harkin, have made a meal of his interrogation, apparently by ‘Stakeknife’ aka Freddie Scappaticci, before the three were executed.

    Of course, after Samuel Rosenfeld aka Tommy Doheny and Rosebud apparently told civil servant and PIRA supporter Margaret Perry what these double-agents had done over the past few years, and then they brutally murdered her, there was no way that Scap could have avoided brutally questioning them after Perry’s beaten body was finally undercovered, and executing them afterwards.

    The only way that this could have been avoided was for the FRU to have removed the three immediately from Ulster when the leak was learned – what would rendered Perry’s assassination unnecessary – but Gordon Kerr wanted to get rid of the whole problem of his agents stoking up the war at ‘Stakeknife’s expense in order to continue to protect the real ‘Steakknife’.

    As a result, after they were killed, the RUC suspected Sam Rosenfeld of the leak, and in arresting him, his wife had a miscarriage – what resulted in him going so off the rails that he had to leave the service, becoming, according to him, a Mossad agent.

    All this becomes most interesting when Scap was finally outed in May 2003 – just before the Brits treated WMD inspector Dr. David Kelly similarly – and Rosenfeld wrote to the Queen yet again, demanding that the Crown redress his grievances, including photographs of the executed three in the hope of improving his claim.

    Then when the apparent Mossad murder of Dr. Kelly was finally, and most awkwardly covered up by the Hutton inquiry, Rosenfeld hit the overhead because his claim had still not been
    satisfied, having John Young’s Cryptome print his most unprecedented letter to the Queen, and talking to The Impartial Reporter after he had served a witness summons on Scap in his own case against the Crown, threatening to tell all about how handler, living in Enniskillen, was responsible for Perry’s murder.

    For more on Kelly’s apparent murder, see this link:


    When I first raised these matters back in February on the IRBB and cryptome.org, Rosenfeld not only threatened to take me to court, but also threatened my life by having my alleged secret whereabouts, here outside Stockholm, like Denis Donaldson’s posted on baldegal.blogspot.com.

    Nothing has come of either threat up to now, but I have mixed feelings about them. While I certainly don’t want to be bumped off by some irate, FRU ‘whistleblower’, I still look forward to a libel action, as I believe that it is the only way to get to the bottom of all the dirty, covert operations the Brits carried out then in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, especially the assassination of Sweden’s statsminister on February 28, 1986.

  • páid

    These spyguys should realise that there is a limit to the ordinary person’s interest in triple agents, counterspin, and whatever.

    I have to admit that being ‘quartered’ is not on my life plan.
    But if I had been beheaded some minutes earlier, my consternation levels would be somewhat reduced.