Greens and Fianna Fáil agree draft programme for government

RTÉ reports that the Fianna Fáil and Green Party talks have resulted in an agreed draft programme for government

The 90-page document is to be put to a special Green Party conference tomorrow afternoon and will also be discussed by the Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party.

Adds As Mick mentions in the comments, one Independent TD, Jackie Healy-Rae, is also on-board which would mean a tight numbers game for those smaller parties seeking to form a technical grouping. And Green Party leader Trevor Sargent’s comments would appear to confirm that

He said it was recognised there would be a role for the two deputies from the Progressive Democrats and for Independents, but that was a matter for the Taoiseach.

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  • Mick Fealty

    1pm until 9pm at the Mansion House.

  • Mick Fealty

    Jackie Healy Rae signed up too… Starting to look very tight for those technical group speaking privileges for Sinn Fein…

  • dublinsfsupporter

    Good news for Sinn Féin, as Sinn Féin will attract many many disgruntled votes from the Greens at the next election.

  • Frank Sinistra

    Entering government while disenfranchising many of your members, in particular those outside Dublin, doesn’t seem destined to provide party stability. If they go in and this thing goes tits up a lot of people will have been excluded from the decision and could make any blips very difficult for the leadership . Certainly not the way to bring the party with them.

  • Aquifer

    The party members are not disenfranchised, they can change the party leadership later if they do not like what they do. Many parties work this way. It’t not instability, its democracy.

  • Forget about SF, maybe we’ll soon have the Greens as the first party in government on both sides of the border 😉

  • páid

    Talking to a couple of my flaky green mates tonight, I’m beginning to think they’ll go for it.

    Despite the arguments of the intelligent Phoenix, I never really bought the ‘clever Trevor’ line, but when added to Mickhall’s smart spot about Bertie losing Friday’s battle to win the war, I’m not so sure.

    Now for those prods who protest that Slugger is spending too much time with eyes southwards (but still sneak a glance at the threads) there may be an uncomfortable truth appearing on the horizon.

    Trevor Sargent will wield significant power in the Republic and his Protestantism will neither advance or retreat his cause. In fact I’d venture that most of those who voted for him didn’t know he is a Protestant, despite the Sunday school earnestness, the ridiculous haircut, and the immaculate bicycle clips.

    And I’ve no doubt that this daily Bibler son of Alfred and Mabel would be a Unionist if born 100 years earlier or 100 miles Northward.

    But get this.

    Trev is as much a Prod as Paisley. He says what he means and he means what he says. He works hard, he lives a clean life. He reads the Good Book each day. He speaks Irish, and believe me, he speaks it better than 90% of those who claim to.

    And he gets to live in a country that values him and elects him for what he has to say, not for what church he goes to.

    Sound familiar?

    Well it shouldn’t.

  • Southern Observer

    He also is the third Protestant deputy P.M. in the history of the state.Of significance here is that if Bertie is unexpectedly taken out of circulation for whatever reason Trevor becomes acting P.M. – a sobering thought not because of his religion but because of his general political naivety.

  • Fraggle

    The greens have a lot more chance getting something done about their policies inside government than outside.

    Having a protestant Tanaiste might have a useful effect on northern protestant attitudes to the republic. It would bring a UI a lot closer than 12 SF TDs could ever hope to.

  • páid

    Gerry Kelly,

    Are you a Nordie, by any chance?

  • Token Dissent

    Truly hilarious prod stereotypes lads…

    Pailsey always “says what he means and he means what he says”?? Jesus, I must have missed a historical revisionism class somewhere along the line. I would like to think that Trevor has more worthy role models.

    Páid is you think that pointing to the Southern protestant experience will attract Northern sour-faces to an United Ireland then you need to re-read your history books.

    Gerry Kelly – I really wish you had raised your point in the many threads that were highlighting how unionism is at the root of homophobia here.

    Oh and the idea of a large number of Green voters switching to SF is clearly a joke. Yep the young liberal middle-class is just dying to switch to Gerry!

  • ben

    The first President of the Republic of Ireland was the son of a Protestant prelate who shared the religion of his birth with a bare twentieth of the population of his country. A damned accomplished speaker of the Irish language, too, although Myles always mocked his accent. Imagine anything like the converse happening up behind the Orange Curtain!

  • slug

    What silly comments on this thread.

  • DK

    Apparently the tarawatch people will be demonstrating outside the green HQ – unless the routing of the motorway is part of the coalition agreement.

    To all the prod-watchers: get a life

  • susan

    DK, if the Irish Times have it right, the Greens’ failed to win protection for the Hill of Tara, and Harney will also continue with the Health portfolio with full speed ahead on co-location.

    Sad to see, sad to say.

  • Crataegus


    I would doubt if the Irish Times article is correct. There is not enough for Greens in the deal as reported. Apparently they have to get a 2/3 vote in favour and I can’t see what was reported enthusing anyone.

  • susan

    Thank you, Crataegus.

    Roger Garland is quoted as saying if reports are true the deal is “unbelievably bad,” but as you say, there’s hope reports aren’t true. Guess we will know tonight.

  • páid

    TD, you state…

    “Páid is you think that pointing to the Southern protestant experience will attract Northern sour-faces to an United Ireland then you need to re-read your history books”

    I grant you, TD, that the Southern protestant experience heretofore has not been great, though any fair reading or even re-reading of history books would lead an impartial observer to conclude that it was a sight better than the Northern catholic one.

    But back to the future…

    Southern protestants are loyal to the ROI, and valued and trusted by the majority community. And take a full part in the affairs of a modern, democratic nation.

    If you’re not interested, fair enough. But I’d wager plenty of Northern prods look on with no little interest.


    all 11 posts silly, or some sillier than others?

  • Southern Observer

    Slightly off-topic but is O’Snodaigh a Protestant – i.e. the South’s answer to Billy Leonard (well sort of)?

  • Crataegus
  • Token Dissent

    Páid – its fair to highlight both the success of the modern Republic and also the past undeniable anti-Catholic discrimination of the Stormont era. Nonetheless future historians will look back at the dramatic disppearance of Protetants from the South and the corresponding continuous raise of the Cathoilc population in the North and draw their own conclusions. Obviously the North’s economy was far superior to the South’s,but equally importantly it highlights that discrimination was nowhere near as all-encompassing as republican orthodoxy would have you believe.

  • Objectivist