Greens’ price worth paying?

With Fianna Fáil studying a Green Party document, outlining where they believe last week’s discussions broke down, the word is that the conversation between the two parties will continue. Whether that conversation concludes before Thursday is another matter.. Meanwhile in the Irish Times, Stephen Collins points to the Hill of Tara as the kind of major symbolic gesture that Fianna Fáil would “have to do” to secure the Green Party’s support..[subs req] but that

At this stage it appears that Mr Ahern will not need the support of the Greens to be elected as taoiseach when the Dáil meets on Thursday. A deal with the two PDs and four Independents would guarantee him victory, even if the four Sinn Féin TDs voted against him. However, Mr Ahern wants the Greens for extra security. The only question is whether the price is one that Fianna Fáil is prepared to pay.