You see, space is extremely big, and, well, you get the idea..

As the Chairman of Astronomy Ireland David Moore puts it, “Ireland just happens to be in the right place at the right time”, so they’ve set up a phoneline with details of when the International Space Station will be visible overhead through the weekend. The bonus feature is that, after a three month delay to repair storm damage, the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Mission STS-117 will, weather permitting, be taking off later tonight [12.38am BST – Ed] to rendevous with the ISS and build a new solar array ahead of the arrival of the Columbus Laboratory module. NASA has all the usual online extras ready.. TV coverage and Launch blog included. Adds In the comments Frank points to the Heavens Above where, by entering your nearest town, you can find the details of when the ISS, et al, will be visible overhead. And here are the sky and star charts with the visible pass details for tonight, based on Belfast More This ground track plot is very cool too.