Privy to what files?

Mark Devenport’s blog over the election was…..alright. But since Stormont has been revived it has become a very interesting read, and is probably even better than the similar style of reporting Dan McGinn writes for, it seems, every daily newspaper in Northern Ireland. He picks up on the Policing Board meeting this week, where Basil McCrea asked the Chief Constable if Jeffrey Donaldson would use his “worthless bauble” (comment 20) to gain access to more information than anyone else. Apparently he won’t be given that opportunity.

  • Whatever Next

    Modern Ulster Unionism (as squeaked by McCrea and proudly bought to our attention by Shillers): attacking the Privy Council. Hey, why not have a pop at the monarchy next? JFC.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world: all Orde was saying was that Donaldson will get from Orde whatever everyone else who gets stuff from Orde gets from Orde. S’okay? With me still? What Orde wasn’t saying, and indeed, can’t say is what Donaldson is, or will be getting from other official (confidential security) sources, now or in the near future.

    I don’t mind the modern UUP being wrong, I just wish they’d stop being pathetic.

  • darth rumsfeld

    …er, it ws me attacking the privy council
    and one thing I’d fight a duel over, is if anyone dared call me a member of the UUP

  • interested

    Maybe Donaldson will be getting his hands on stuff they dont even show to Orde…..

  • OSA

    Thats an interesting point, I wonder would Donaldson get to see more than Orde.

    To me this raises another issue, do privy councillors have to sign the official secrets act? If not Donaldson could tell the house of commons anything and we know from previous experience that the DUPs have no reservations about naming people using parliamentary privilege, even, ahem, when it might not be true.

  • mchinadog

    Whatever next

    You are correct the information that Orde passes to the Board or anyone else is peripheral to that information that would be received by members of the Privy Council it comes from much higher up the spectrum and is real information not just the humble thoughts of a Chief Constable. The information that is given to them is confidential but will allow them to ascertain if Sinn Fein/IRA is actually doing what it says on the tin not what Orde thinks they are doing or the IMC for that matter.

    I think Basil was being a little mischievous in asking that of Orde as he knew what the answer from Orde would be, that the Board only hears what he wants them to know.