Overhead at Hay Festival…

Matt Seaton was part of the Guardian team at the Hay Festival, and busied himself collecting shards of epigramatic wit from Tony Benn. Amongst them:

“My oldest son was in a cab in Northern Ireland and the driver was a Paisleyite who was ranting about Gerry Adams. He ended by saying, ‘But I’ll say this for him: he’s stuck to his guns.'”

  • parcifal

    He did fall for Ali G’s wind-up “What about the right not to work”, and again fell for Ali G’s ” Yeah but what about if I want to go cruising wiv me bitches”.

  • exile

    Whether he fell for Ali G’s stunt or not, he was one of a very few victims with the strength of character to call him to account for his attitudes and language. Baron-Cohen (sp?) floundered when Benn explained to him that it was unacceptable to call women bitches and hoes. Respect!

  • Shore Road Resident

    Isn’t it great when monstrous people get so old that you can safely patronise them?
    Funny that Paisley and Benn should both end their political careers with that much in common.

  • Token Dissent

    Oh dear, an old ideologue with embarrassingly out-dated views on Northern Ireland…and that Paisley isn’t much better.

  • Gum

    I always thought that Benn was the only one Ali G [i]didn’t[/i] get the better off, simply because he knew what the joke was and played along. Respect to Benn!