Tara Hill added to World’s most endangered sites list

As predicted in the Irish Times[subs req], today the World Monuments Fund has added the Hill of Tara to their 2008 World Monuments Watch list of 100 most endangered heritage sites[pdf file]. Paul Muldoon’s recent New York Times article is worth highlighting again. The WMF press release also adds

Often historic sites suffer in the interest of short-term gains that result in long-term losses. New construction often means destruction of historic places. The 2008 Watch List includes a broad range of sites facing encroachment or outright destruction, such as:
• Tara Hill, Ireland, a sacred landscape at the very heart of historic Ireland, now threatened by a highway meant to ease the commute from Dublin.

The RTÉ report has this from a spokesman for the Minister

A spokesman for the Minister said he would not be commenting on the announcement from the World Monument Fund until he had received and read material from the organisation.

But, the Hill of Tara isn’t the only site on this island that has been included on the list[pdf file].

Also added to the 2008 list is Vernon Mount, Cork which they cite as being threatened by neglect and inappropriate prior conservation.

and Richhill House, Armagh City, Northern Ireland which the panel say is threatened by structural damage and a lack of resources.. perhaps the Minister for the Environment here would comment as well?