Some people think the Internet is a bad thing…

Before I forget, there is what looks like it could be a fascinating online event this evening from Amnesty International. No doubt that was Newsnight’s thinking behind featuring Andrew Keen‘s critical take on their programme and its blog.


Martha Lane Fox –; Clark Boyd – BBC; Ron Deibert – Open Net Initiative; Sami Ben Garbia – Tunisian cyber-dissident; Josh Wolf – US cyber-dissident; Morton Sklar –Yahoo! court case
Yan Sham-Shackleton –; Markus Beckedahl – Network Media; Kevin Anderson – The Guardian; Shava Nerad – The Tor Project;

With contributions from: Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia; Richard Stallman – Free Software Movement; Ethan Zuckerman – Global Voices; Dan Gillmor – Center for Citizen Media; Yu Ling – wife of Chinese cyber-dissident; Cory Doctorow – Boing Boing

Not sure what to expect, but considering the quality of the cast, I should be plugged in myself…