Another party of Government in Northern Ireland..

The battle between the Labour Party and the members of the party in Northern Ireland has been going on for some time.. and it’s been the threats of legal action against the party that eventually, and repeatedly, forced the issue. Today, though, one of the contenders for the post of deputy leader of the Labour Party, Alan Johnson [current favourite with the betting public – Ed], was in Belfast and seemed to cement the latest deal, as well as being optimistic about the future of the NI Labour Party.From the BBC report

Mr Johnson said momentum towards Northern Ireland party members contesting elections was unstoppable.

The dinner was marking the 100th anniversary of the first ever Labour Party conference, which took place in Belfast.

“It is highly appropriate that on the 100th anniversary of the first ever Labour Party conference which was held in Belfast, we have seen moves to re-establish the link between Northern Ireland and the rest of the party.

“We had a ridiculous situation in the party where people in Northern Ireland could not even join Labour,” Mr Johnson said.

“Thankfully the party has allowed Northern Ireland members to join and under this deal they can participate in conferences and decision-making bodies.

“However, I think an unstoppable momentum is building up which will see party members here, in the not too distant future, being able to contest elections.”

According to the earlier report there are around 120 registered members of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland at present.