What the Wright inquiry won’t see…

Chris Thorton notes in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph that much of the evidence will be missing for the Wright Inquiry as it begins public hearings about the LVF chief’s murder. And since the head of the Maze at the time, Martin Mogg, died back in 2005, he cannot answer allegations that he destroyed much of the material.

Key records from the Maze Prison at the time of the murder are known to have been destroyed, including security files on 800 prisoners – among them virtually every inmate released under the Good Friday Agreement. Journals describing activity in the H-6 block, where the murder occurred, in the weeks leading up to the killing were also destroyed – burned as part of a “freedom of information exercise”. Files on two of Wright’s three killers are among the missing material, including John Kennaway, the killer who was recently returned to prison. Documents that could explain how the murder weapons were smuggled into the prison have also disappeared. Some of the missing material was previously available to Justice Peter Cory, the retired Canadian judge who recommended the inquiry.

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